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Exploring Split, city of the fallen Roman emperor

Credit: E.coli via Wikimedia Commons
The aerial view of Split port and Diocletian's Palace

The ancient city of Split is an up-and-coming tourist hot spot mainly due to its rich history and a plethora of monuments and landmarks, one of them being famous Diocletian's Palace.

Welcome to the second largest city of Croatia, Split. This ancient city has a remarkably rich history. From its founding as a Greek colony in the fourth century BC, through its long period of Roman rule, to modern times, Split has always been a pearl of the Adriatic. Tourists have been flocking to Split for centuries, and for good reason.

Lifestyle & entertainment

What makes Split special is its atmosphere. Laid back and energetic, old and young at the same time, the Dalmatian lifestyle is one of a kind. You'll find people fishing, relaxing on the beach, sipping coffee for hours on end, as if time doesn't bother them. But don't let that fool you. Split has quite of a reputation for being a party town, as numerous summer music festivals, and beach parties attract people from all around the world. Restaurants, cafes, bars, night clubs, all of this and much more can be found in the streets of Split.

Culture, cuisine, beaches

If you're into a more laid back journey, Split also has a ton of cultural content to offer. Much of the old, ancients parts of the city are well preserved, and are a great opportunity to learn a bit of history. Dalmatian cuisine is something that everybody should try. The fresh fish and sea food will wake up your inner gourmand. A true vacation for your pallet! Split is also famous for its beautiful beaches. Enjoy a friendly game of picigin with the locals, or just chill on the beach. The choice is yours!

Discovering nearby islands

Split is also a great hub to explore other parts of Dalmatia. The nearby Hvar and Brac islands are beautiful on their own, and are hosts to some amazing nature sceneries, crystal clear sea, and during the summer even some amazing parties. Ferries are organized every day to these and many more islands, so getting there and back won't be a problem.

Great historic landmarks

The jewel in Split's crown is the magnificent Diocletian’s Palace. The Roman emperor Diocletian ruled from 284 to 305. He was born of a lowly family in the then Roman province of Dalmatia, but quickly raised through the ranks and finally became an emperor. In preparation for his retirement, Diocletian wanted to build his palace in a place of infinite beauty and harmony, and what better place for that than Dalmatia? So, in the fourth century he built his amazing palace. Even today, the sight of it is staggering. It is amazingly preserved, and is the shining beacon of Split’s old town. Anyone who is ever near Split should check it out.

Besides Diocletian’s Palace, Split also has a wide variety of historical architecture for you to check out. The old city clock, the Cathedral and Bell Tower of St. Domnius, the statue of Grgur Ninski are all sights to behold, and will give you a taste of how Split looked when it was a young upcoming town through history.

Reaching Split

Getting to Split is easy, as it has an airport nearby and ordering a Split airport taxi to take you from the airport into the town is easy as pie. Accommodation is available at cheap prices and at various locations, as locals rent out their private apartments, villas, and numerous hotels are located all through the town, so you have no excuse not to visit this beautiful Dalmatian town.

What more to say? Amazing food, cheap prices, friendly locals, rich history and architecture and much more await you at Split, the city of the fallen Roman emperor.

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