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Top 6 Easiest benefits of Steel Hinged Security Doors

by Melissa Hamler (writer), , February 23, 2016

Hinged Security Doors

Installing hinged security doors is the best option. Apart from protecting the house from burglars, it will also help in bringing down the large monthly fees taken in case of an alarm system.

That time is long gone when one used to sleep in a house peacefully with unlocked doors. There are a large number of families that are buying security doors and alarm systems for protecting their properties and home. In order to increase the protection of a house, installing hinged security doors is the best option. Apart from protecting the house from burglars, it will also help in bringing down the large monthly fees taken in case of an alarm system. Thus, hinged security doors are cost efficient and an excellent measure that provides many benefitsto a house.

Hinged Security Doors


1. Strength and Durability:

    - Many brands design hinged security doors in such a way that they provide maximum strength and durability for a large number of internal and external applications. Steel hinged doors are manufactured using stainless or galvanized sheets of steel that provide many choices of designs, which includes security rated and fire rated. The frame of the door is made with the help of profiled steel. It can either be double rebated or single rebated. It can also have a wraparound frame to be used in case of composite walling systems in data centers and clean rooms.

    - A large selection of vision louvers and panels can also be fitted with steel doors. They are powder coated to RAL colour, thereby aiding them to blend with the surrounding areas. Other options are also available in these types of security doors such as signwriting and automated access equipment.

    - Hinged security doors that have huge types of ironmongery are available in the market, which also includes panic exit and high security. Specialist ironmongery like delayed egress is also provided in case of retail units. In the case of sports hall, doors consisting of rebound panels are generally preferred.

    - Steel hinged security doors are made with various ratings of security in order to meet various requirements of a building. Many steel-hinged security doors have options of clean room performance; air tight and acoustic ratings are also available in the present market.

2. Fireproof:

In many hinged security doors, the materials used to construct them, make them fire resistant. Many doors of these types are made of galvanized iron or galvanized steel. In case the galvanized metal catches fire, it burns extremely slowly. This is the main reason for placing steel doors for preventing the spread of fire.

Hinged Security Doors

3. Energy Efficient:

Another hidden ability of these doors is that they aid in reducing electricity bills. During summer season, the hinged security door can be bolted, and at the same time, the front main door can be left open, thereby allowing cool air circulation throughout the house. In winter season, the same hinged security door can act as an extra layer of insulation, hence protecting the doorway of the house from the cold winds.

4. Tough and long Lasting:

Steel hinged doors are highly durable. Hence, harsh weather conditions, pressure, and misuse do not cause any imperfections like cracks on these doors.

5. Versatility:

Another advantage of hinged security doors is that they can be utilized as patio doors also. This will not only help in increasing the aesthetic quality of the backyard of the house, but will also help in ensuring that the security and safety of the property are maintained and possible intrusion is prevented from the backside of the house. Many hinged security doors come with high performing latch and locking system. This helps in ensuring the safety of the house to its inhabitants when the house is closed.

Hinged Security Doors

6. Visually appealing:

    Certain designs of hinged security doors help in increasing the visual appeal of the house. They are now made in different colors and designs in order to suit any home decor. Hence, they also increase the property value.

So, using this info about hinged security doors you can make your home appealing more elegant and stylish.

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