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The creators of the cinema

by annahuse (writer), , February 18, 2016

Over a hundred years ago, the world faced a real miracle - the "moving pictures."

People were witnesses of the birth of a new art, which is considered as the invention of the pioneers of cinema - Lumiere brothers.

The boys, Louis and Auguste Jean Louis Marie, from childhood grew up in an atmosphere of creativity, as their father painted pictures. He was fond of photography and photographic plates, which were made in his factory. At this factory, Louis subsequently worked after graduating from technical school. He was totally fascinated by his work, and was especially interested in a light projection of "moving pictures."

Louis was much closer to the technical side of cinematography and invention as a whole, while Auguste Lumiere took over the duties of the organizer and manager and helped to make the money. Thus, together they have developed a "cinema".

The invention of the brothers was demonstrated on December 28, 1895 at the Paris Grand Cafe on the Boulevard de Capusin. Here, the first film session took place. For just one franc they surprised the viewers. They could watch the white canvas, which come from the scenes of urban life. People admired the locomotive moving from the depth of the screen and so on. All this impresses: people sincerely cried out in fear, laughed to tears. They lived the life on the screen.

On that day, the Lumiere brothers showed 5 short films, since cinema has stepped to the masses. Regular sessions of "cinematography" have begun. They had the accompaniment of a piano or a saxophone and subtitles. Rather soon, a thousand short films were filmed. Lumiere Brothers trained a lot of operators. In 1896, the cinema has come to Russia, first in St. Petersburg and then in Moscow and other cities.

For Lumiere brothers all began with Edison's Kinetoscope with his moving pictures. Their father bought and offered boys to try to make own device, but "let the image of the box." The brothers liked the idea. They devoted all the free time to this issue. And the solution was found! They created the unit that combined the three processes: shooting, copy and projection.

Lumiere brothers showed to the world the broadest possibilities of cinema. Furthermore, they have developed a real advertising and commercial activities popularizing new spectacular art. The brothers were extremely proud of their success. "Moving Pictures conquered the world. That's the best we could do, "- they said. Auguste and Louis Lumiere did not stop there and tried to make a better filming.

About the Author: Anna Huse is a student. She likes to write the articles. Anna works as an editor in NY press.

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