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Spears' New Album--The Best Pop Album Of 2007

by Kendrick Daye (writer), Coconut Grove, October 24, 2007


Britney Spears has tried on many personas in her short yet expansive career. She was a naughty school girl begging to be spanked, a super sexy flight attendant, a snake yielding temptress and a "virgin." But, on her fifth studio album "Blackou.t" Britney is just plain trashy -- and it makes for one of the most interesting and entertaining pop albums in recent years.

"It's Britney Bitch!" she coos, but which Britney is it? Of course the Britney that wants to dance, dance, and oh when she's done dance again. She curses, sighs, moans and when that doesn't get her point across, whispers through the 12 non-stop high energy dance tracks.

It's clear the pop starlet has a lot to prove. While she was raising or not raising her kids, pop stars like Nelly Furtado, Gwen Stefani, Justin Timberlake and Fergie redefined what pop music sounds like. Even though Britney flirted with hip-hop influences in her music before, the need for hip-hop dance music is much more prevalent in today's pop scene.

On "Blackout" Britney and her producers use the aforementioned artists as templates and one them all up. This is the future of pop music. As far as subjects she is limited. She's either pursuing a lover in most tracks, in love in few tracks or lamenting a former love in another two. But what she lacks in lyrical diversity she makes up for in sound and sheer style.

"Piece of Me"is an example that Britney isn't as clueless to her portrayal in the media. "I'm Mrs. Oh Britney she's shameless," she sings in a electronic voice. "Radar" finds Britney looking at a potential lover who's on her radar. "Break The Ice" which begins with Britney saying "It's been a while, I know I shouldn't have kept you waiting" would have served better as the album's intro.

"Heaven on Earth" is a light dance tune --- the only light song on the somewhat dark, sweaty album. "Get Naked (I Got A Plan)" is the best song on the album and features producer Danja singing in a drunken slur to Britney. Britney is at her most outlandish, almost rapping "I'm crazy as a muthafucka, bet that on your man." Given the proper video this could be a huge hit for Spears.

"Freakshow," another highlight, is similar to the aforementioned tune in production while "Toy Soilder" an interesting tune finds Spears lamenting a past lover K-Fed anyone? singing I'm sick and tired of those Toy Soilders. "Hot as Ice," produced by T-Pain finds Britney singing in a nasal tone like a small girl about how hot she is ”so hot she compares herself to ice."

Even the throw away tracks are simply amazing."Ohh Ooh Baby" and "Perfect Lover" although they aren't as high energy and don't stand out as other tracks on the album do even they even surpass a lot of stuff on the radio. The almost sincere "Why Should I Be Sad?" written by Pharrell closes the disc. The song which is like a walk in the park finds Spears asking why should I be sad? over the vintage Neptunes-snyth heavy beat.

Unlike her previous albums, "In the Zone" and "Britney," which attempted to mix hip-hop inspired tunes and electronic dance music "Blackout" which also finds Spears totally immersed in hip-hop inspired tunes and electronic dance tracks works a lot better than her previous efforts. Overall, the album is cohesive and immaculately produced. With Danja, Sean Garret, Kara DioGuardi,, and Bloodshy and Avant, Britney has found the best collaborators for her since Max Martin.

9/10 reviews on "Blackout"will include harsh details about Ms. Spears' life and disregard many aspects of the music. The music is what the review should focus on. But, for an artist who has made it apparent to include the public in every aspect of their private lives is this even wrong? That is up for debate, but it is more than expected. However, whether she has custody of her kids or she doesn't, whether she runs over the foot of a greedy paparazzi trying to snap her picture for the cover of US Weekly, or is cruising with a suspended license, "Blackout" is an amazing album, the best pop album of 2007 and in recent years. Only Britney and partly the media are to blame for her antics overshadowing her music -- once again.

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