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Six Benefits of Content Marketing

by famousbloggerq (writer), , February 17, 2016

How content marketing can speed up your business?

Of all the different marketing strategies, content marketing is one which has definitely stood the test of time. ‘Content is king’ is probably a phrase that every marketing professional has heard at some point, and effective content marketing certainly does have a range of benefits. Producing informative content that will engage and interest your readers is an effective way to ensure that visitors stay on your site for longer, browse for more information and even buy your products if you have an e-commerce store. Let’s have a look at some of the main benefits of content marketing.

Educate Customers

Creating and displaying high quality, highly informational content will help to educate your customers about the products and services which you offer and the benefits which they offer the customer, cutting time during the selling process. Effective content marketing gives customers all the information that they need to know about a product before they make a decision to buy. According to recent studies, effective content marketing doesn’t only just decrease sale time, it helps to support the shopping habits which your customers prefer. As modern shopping habits continue to evolve, an effective content marketing strategy will keep your customers engaged as they shop at your company, a fact which is recognized by successful entrepreneurs such as John Lemp.

Drive Traffic

As you continue to produce more high-quality content, you will drive more traffic to your site as users are interested in reading what you have to say. Great content is key when it comes to attracting readers and customers, and sharing content via social media channels is an excellent way to increase attention and build your customer base. The majority of consumers want to educate themselves before they commit to making a purchase or speaking to a sales representative, which is why including informational content is so essential.

Improved SEO

Effective content marketing is an integral component of search engine optimization, and displaying quality and informational content which drives traffic to your site is an effective way of working your way up search engine rankings. As Google’s algorithm continues to develop and evolve, it will reward those sites which regularly update their content and produce content which most closely matches queries and questions asked by customers. Having content displayed on your website which provides answers to questions frequently asked by customers and solutions to common problems will make sure that your site is attractive to search engines.

Increase Lead Generation

Studies show that businesses that maintain a blog generate around 60-70% more leads per month than those who do not blog. These figures alone show how important content marketing is for businesses. Through executing an effective strategy for content marketing which focuses on the main points raised and questions asked by customers, your website will not only be more attractive to search engines – you’ll attract more customers as well, as consumers look for sites which take their requests seriously and provide them with the answers that they want. Effective content marketing is a useful tool for establishing and building good relationships with your customers.


Another main benefit of content marketing is that it can easily be integrated with your other marketing efforts. Social media marketing in particular integrates well with content marketing, as it provides a platform to share blog posts and content with your followers. Using Facebook or Twitter to link to your content gets your brand name out there, and helps to increase your customer base and online exposure as your followers will be able to also share your posts with their friends and followers if they enjoyed reading.

Proven Success

The figures themselves show why content marketing is so important, with around 90% of B2B marketers integrating content marketing into their campaigns. These markers are seeing so many successful results, that the majority of them are creating even more content in order to generate more traffic and increase business and brand exposure online. Any entrepreneur knows the importance of having a strong presence online when it comes to maintaining a customer base and having the edge over the competition. However, modern marketers also understand that throwing out any old content isn’t effective any more, therefore creating content that is of high quality is a priority. To generate real leads online, it’s vital to have a content marketing strategy that is meaningful and which customers can relate to.

With so many marketers investing in content marketing strategies due to the wide range of benefits, what are you waiting for?

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