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Is Caffeine The Reason Behind Your Chapped Lips?

Chapped Lips

Drinking tea and coffee can cause chapped lips. Caffeine causes the body to dehydrate. Eliminating caffeinated drinks from your diet is the sure and best thing to do.

Drinking tea and coffee can cause chapped lips. Caffeine causes the body to dehydrate. Constant consumption of highly concentrated tea and coffee content means the caffeine level is also high. It results in dehydration of the body. Caffeine has diuretic properties when you consume it in excess causing your skin to dry up. As a consequence, you visit the toilet more frequently in a day.

Is it possible to neutralize the caffeine when you take lots of water? As long as you continue to take lots of caffeinated drinks in high concentrations the risks remains. Eliminating caffeinated drinks from your diet is the sure and best thing to do instead of dealing with the caffeine inflicted problems.

How caffeine works?

Caffeine stimulates your nervous system, muscles, heart and the blood pressure. For people who regularly consume caffeine products, it may not increase their pressure or affect them in any way however those who are not regular consumers are likely to suffer a rise in blood pressure or have an increase in urine production.

The caffeine factor in causes of chapped lips:

Caffeine in tea and coffee

The caffeine in the drinks may not be much, but hot temperatures of the beverage are what will cause the lips to burn. The skin around the lip area is thin and delicate. Therefore, the lips chap faster. Alternatively, sip the drink through a straw, but this requires that serving of the beverage happens when cold.

Caffeine in cigarettes

Smoking is harmful to ones' health the words sound familiar, but until you delve into it, you will have more reasons to believe the harm is real. The lips are not only chapped by smoking but also darken. The lip skin develops fine lines, experience dryness and wrinkles. According to statistics by the American Lung Association cigarettes have 600 elements and as they burn generates 7000 chemicals. Cigars, hookahs, and pipes are not safe either as research studies reveal that they contain tar, carcinogens and high levels of toxins that flow into the body.

Others effects of cigarette smoking

Appetite suppressant

Since smoking depresses appetite, your body may not get the required nutrients. Therefore, your lip consequently suffers because of ill health.

Constricted blood vessels

The main reason smokers pride themselves in using cigarettes is alertness and mental focus that it offers them, however, it also results in constricting the blood vessels therefore restricting blood flow to many parts of the body including your lips.
Wrinkly skin and discoloration

Caffeine in cigarettes changes the structure of the skin that includes skin discoloration, dryness of the lips and wrinkles.


Taking caffeine large quantities worsens diarrhoea which results in loss of fluids from the body. The lips area suffers dryness because the body becomes dehydrated.

Acidity in the stomach

Caffeine raises the level of acidity in the stomach resulting in heartburn. Heartburn may cause a feeling of nausea and vomiting. The body does not store excess caffeine the system it expels them through urine that's why you cannot use coffee or tea to quench thirst. So when exercising and you take caffeinated drinks you tend to lose more water. Withdrawal causes vomiting and nausea this may result in dehydration causing your lips to chap. So the liver has to process excess caffeine in your body and expel through urine.
Upsetting the nervous system

Caffeine can give someone jitters if they are not regular consumers. Alcoholics drink coffee to recover from a hangover, but this is not the case. Caffeine also contributes to hallucinations, drowsiness, stress and anxiety which results into a weaker and compromised body system. All these effects are traumatic to the body and affect the digestive system and circulation of blood to other vital organs of the body including the lips. When the nervous system is upset, you develop a dry mouth.

Sleeping disorder

Because the brain is forced to be alert, you are unable to get a natural sleep. It may result in High blood pressure, and nausea contributing to chapping of the lips. Anxiety and irritability denies the body necessary rest. It is risky to consume large amounts of caffeine, sleeping disorders interferes with digestion and blood flow to other organs of the body. Nausea may result in vomiting and loss of water, therefore, resulting in chapping of lips due to dehydration. Difficulty in sleeping develops when the body is not having enough rest or cannot simply relax.


Caffeine is not only present in coffee, tea, and cigarettes but in over the counter drugs. Take medication under the doctor's instructions and stop as soon as you get well because caffeine in medicine has the same effect as the counterpart in coffee and tea. It would be foolhardy to assume that caffeine is the only reason that you have chapped lips, of course, other reasons include; inability to take enough water, other medical conditions, dehydration among others.


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