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From Slavery to Death and Taxes


Some things are free in this life and some things cost dearly. In America liberation was free to whites to experience, yet the wasted emotions of racism have fiendishly overcharged Black Americans. The cost seemed astronomical and un-apportioned throughout the free world or the colonial territories. As black people watched Caucasians through the times of oppression, standing in line receiving their lot (by way of the constitution) and rejoicing over their new freedoms they fell in continence and dried with distain, melting like the cream in the oven that fell from the pot and burned into steam. Even though Negro people were said to be free they could not find freedom on any American soil.

Black people at the time were not cognizant of their stake in America after slavery, they existed as second class citizens pursuant to the 14th Amendment. They couldn’t without proper education (which would have made them able to read, thus qualifying them as sui juris-sound individuals enabling them to understand and handle their own affairs) comprehend the dogmatic nature of their new found citizenship. The vagueness of this new system and relationship that occurred between government and ex-slaves were extravagant to conceive but it held many unlearn secrets in toe for years.

Blacks receive a negative kind of justice a repugnant course of action which is inherently seen in our court system as opposed to whites who have generally gotten a constitutional kind of justice a more secure trial, and this is because of a dual citizenship status that was established by our government through the 14th Amendment. Everyone knew of this status and what it actually meant for black people except black folk, but what they (White America) didn’t understand at that time was that this Amendment would eventually rope them in as serfdoms and economic slaves of that same system, a system which no one had spoken out against when black people were suffering from its many abusive actions against them. Legal professionals have understood that the officially authorized connotation that the 14th Amendment suggest had revealed a politically strategic maneuver that sort to undermine and subvert the nature of the American citizenry. They knew that because of this claim by the government to grant citizen status to the Negro the implications of such a created privilege would sooner or later surmount to a new form of slavery for the entire American system.

Amendment 14 - Citizenship Rights. Said to be Ratified 7/9/1868. Note History

1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

As you can clearly see in the context of the 14th Amendment the expressed implication of “all persons born” which defines white Americans as well as blacks as their freedmen/federal citizens, secretly casting them as 14th Amendment citizens who are now subject to the jurisdiction of the feds. And if you have obtained any voluntary contracts (SS cards, W4 form etc) with them (the feds) you are now a tax payer.

Black people did not agree or ask to be citizens or subjects under someone else’s jurisdiction; coming from overt slavery Blacks were always objects, property and subject to the slave master’s jurisdictions, they who were distraught by the plight of slavery only sort after freedom and the cause of their creator. Blacks have been lead into this ambush (covert slavery) by another false treaty, they did not ask to be Americans because they were already Africans, and furthermore did not seek permission to be free for they sort only God’s authorization to be who they were.

It became obvious that they (the government) were complicit and cooperative in the scam to control the masses especially the Black mass, who were said to be only 12% of the population. Why was such a small group compared to the 88% of the population considered such a threat to them? What are they afraid of? Any human rights issues that were actively gained under this party or working within any party for that fact never actually lasted and therefore never truly existed. If in fact God endowed every man with unalienable rights (God given fundamental rights belonging to people, which can not be GIVEN NOR TAKEN away by the government. They always leave out given in this definition), with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, an unflinching, unchanging, immovable stone of characteristics, then we wouldn’t ever need nor would we require a legislation of such a process (the 14th Amendment), nor would we need a mandate giving us permission to be free and subject to white political jurisdictions, they never would have given blacks such freedom unless that freedom was controlled and covertly manipulated. If the government was truly seeking the freedom of Black people then they would have incorporated them into the constitution instead of creating their slave citizen by way of government proxy(the government stood in for God to give Blacks their rights), you must see the implications by now, White men were in dowered with inalienable rights that originated from God and from the constitution, and blacks derived their privileges from the jurisdictions of the federal government who were the dictators and new masters of the slave race. Blacks had been handed from one slave master to the another slave master as a punishment against the southern slave masters who were unwillingness to join the union (thus the civil war).

(the “Slave Race” (see SLAUGHTER-HOUSE CASES, 83 U.S. 36 (1872), U.S. Supreme Court BELL v. MARYLAND, 378 U.S. 226 (1964) with emphasis added)

No one was talking about it but they all knew, the slave master knew, the government officials, and today’s leaders have recognized what the 14th Amendment was actually initiated for (and it was not to free the slaves). This quasi relationship between the government and its newly created FREEMAN (this word was used in several court cases SLAUGHTER-HOUSE CASES, 83 U.S. 36 (1872) STRAUDER v. WEST VIRGINIA) signified the black slaves who were now 14th Amendment entities as opposed to a free man who were white constitutional citizens) by way of the 14th Amendment has inadvertently opened up the doors to the income tax invasion as it has allowed the establishment a private contract of requisition as they misappropriate funds from what ever source derived. The insinuation was that no one in the united states was exempted from the income tax system. Most of us feel that we are cheating our system and the rest of our fellow citizens if we don’t pay income taxes, and they further believe that the income tax goes to pay for many of the things that we need, neither is true. It is of great concern that you realize that all of us pay taxes even if we all don’t support or don’t pay the income tax system, we pay taxes when we buy, sale, save, travel, we pay poll tax, gift tax, property tax, State tax, FICA tax, City tax, and a surcharge, and then some. Who says that we don’t pay taxes? The income tax has made slaves of us all and that would include the north and the south.

Let’s keep in mind that as far as the American people knew slavery didn’t exist in the north where our government was organized and functioned.
From my review the evidence informs us that the government has told many untruths about their involvement with slavery. It was said that our government was opposed to slavery and fought against it, fighting the south to release black people from its chains and whips during the civil war. Our current government is that same organization of blue coats that fought the south during the civil war claiming the rights and constitutional sovereignty of black people. They enlisted black people in their armed services to assist them in their efforts when in fact their agenda was actually to acquire the fertile thirteen colonies hiding in the southern parts of the current American region and to create new tax paying citizens from those areas. In fact in opposition to most people’s beliefs, slavery did exist in the north as it did in the south, freedom and citizenship for blacks was just an hallucination. It is evident to note the intense nature of institutionalized slavery at that time in America, people were afraid to speak against it because they would be branded a "Nigger lover" and that would mean losing all that they had. Because of these dynamics and because of the huge amount of money that was being made from this evil business, slavery prospered all over the American colonial Diaspora

Professor T J Davis gives a clear analysis of the historic evidence in his book “Slave Island- New York’s Hidden History”, here is a except from his book.
T J Davis explores the hidden history of New York and how the discovery of a slave burial ground changed a city.

Slavery in America has traditionally been viewed as a peculiarly Southern phenomenon, brought to an end by the victorious Northern states after the Civil War. In 1991, in downtown Manhattan, an 18th century burial ground containing the remains of hundreds of African slaves was uncovered during excavations for a new office block. The first body turned up in June 1991. Others surfaced in September. The count totaled 13 by early October, as excavation for a 34 storey federal office building in New York's lower Manhattan inadvertently unearthed the remains more than twenty feet below ground level. Forensic examination identified five of the 13 as the remains of men, one as those of a woman, four as those of adults of undetermined gender, two as those of children, and one as those of an infant.

The remains all appeared to have been buried in coffins. The hexagonal shape of most of the burial boxes remained clear, imprinted in the soil as the wood rotted. Coffin nails, shroud pins, and fragments of shrouds lay with the skeletons. Cobblestones outlined several graves. Headstones marked some, footstones others. None remained legible. Other artifacts also appeared. Four gilded brass buttons with the Royal British Marines' anchor-and-cable insignia lay with the skeleton of one of the men.

Manhattan the Burial Site

By December 1991 the problem facing the federal General Services Administration (GSA) who were supervising the site had grown as further excavation revealed a larger find. Indications suggested bodies stacked at least three or four deep. 93 skeletons had been identified, and at least another seventy bodies were close by.

Almost all of the skeletons proved to be African-American. Many disclosed hard evidence of a relatively short life expectancy for blacks in early New York. The early group contained a large proportion of infants and children. More than half the group never reached adulthood. There were 27 infants, many younger than six months. They lay in coffins 12 to 18 inches long. Most of the 34 adults - 20 men and 14 women - died in their 30s. Many suffered arthritis, rickets, syphilis or tuberculosis. Their dental profiles matched those of 90 year-olds.

'Historical documents marked the site unmistakably.'
The findings proved to be part of a cemetery operated from about 1710 to 1790 under the name Negros Burial Ground'. In the end, construction at the federal building site unearthed over 400 skeletons. Historical documents marked the site unmistakably. An extant 1755 map known as the Maerschalck Plan showed the site clearly. It lay at what during the 1700s was New York City's north western edge. Back then the city occupied little more than the southern tip of Manhattan Island, stretching up to where the present city hall sits.

Most of the adults died in their 30s
The burial ground itself was identified as extending from the building site on Broadway, southward under New York's City Hall, and reaching almost to the site of the World Trade Centre on Manhattan's southwestern tip, close to the financial centre at Wall Street.”
T J Davis

As they sat in deliberation and as they wrote the Constitution it was during a time when all manner of sufferings and oppression was in effect, yet nothing specific was written or mentioned about these oppressed people or how the constitution would or should impact their lives. Basically slaves were written off on the Constitution as property and as such taxes were required for them to be paid by the slave masters to the United States government. The slave masters were doing foreign business by trading and profiting from the slave trade, and all the income generated by any new born slaves was seen as income that they would be required to pay taxes on.

Article 1, Section 9, Clause 1 - SLAVE TAX

Concerning the constitution and what its intent was, again basic information was committed to paper, written only about generalities, nothing was ever stated about the equality of the black and red people, their rights nor the responsibility of their condition. In other words no real provisions were made to ensure the successful security of the black and red race during a time of uncertainty. Because slavery and the takeover of the land from the Indians was the biggest problems and faults of the white government it became quite essential to record the expectancies of the black and red race, their progress and the nature of the constitution as it would relate and impact on them. To ensure future peace and a free and stabilized country (if that was the true intent of the forefathers) then this would have surely been accomplished, a constitution written with specifics relating to the needs of the most oppressed of a proposed free society.

Article 1, Section 9, Clause 1 - SLAVE TAX

The Migration or Importation of such Persons as any of the States now existing shall think proper to admit, shall not be prohibited by the Congress prior to the Year [Slave Trade] one thousand eight hundred and eight, but a Tax or duty may be imposed on such Importation, not exceeding ten dollars for each Person.

As you can see taxes were assessed and appropriated for the importation of slaves. Therefore blacks were not seen or viewed as neither part of nor heir to the tenants of the constitution nor inheritors of such appropriations. By taking taxes on slaves the government had theoretically and internationally confirmed the nature and the interpretation of the slave trade industry who considered blacks as less than human, cattle or property in all intense purposes that could be sold or disposed of at the owners behest. The fact that the government made money due to the transportation, distribution, and the maintenance of slaves signifies that they played a major role in the establishment and progress of institutionalized slavery and therefore should pay Afro Americans a share of reparations for their part in this crime. These crimes are such that they carry no legal statue of limitations and no broad strokes of judicial legislation could ever dislodge this claim because they are crimes which were committed not just against black people but against humanity.

Article 4, Section 2, Clause 3 - RUNAWAY SLAVE

[No Person held to Service or Labor in one State, under the Laws thereof, escaping into another, shall, in Consequence of any Law or Regulation therein, be discharged from such Service or Labor, but shall be delivered up on Claim of the Party to whom such Service or Labor may be due.]

[Amended by 13] ace subject to their jurisdiction.

Who were the government officials referring to when this statement was presented as an Amendment of the constitution?

According to this statement the leaders of the known free world had no disagreeing assertions concerning the art of institutionalized slavery. They were willing to return the slaves to their former masters on their word that these slaves were titled to them and therefore held to service or labor, and upon escaping into another state they would be returned or delivered to the state and party to whom makes the claim.

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