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The Art of Scott Horton Featured at bG Gallery Feb 6th!

This Saturday, February 6th, artist Scott Horton will be featured in a group exhibition enttled “Grayscale Wonderland II,” at Bergamot Station.

This Saturday, February 6th, artist Scott Horton will be featured in a group exhibition entitled “Grayscale Wonderland II,” at Bergamot Station.

Horton has been creating art most of his life, but it was his college professor who would make the biggest impression and alter the direction of his art. “In college I was studying psychology, but had always loved art, so I decided to take a watercolor class. Sam Hutto, the professor of the course, gave me the only "B" I would ever receive in art. I asked him if it was because I didn't have the talent, and he said, "No, you do good work. You just need to try harder."

It was then that Horton looked at his art differently. He continued to study under Professor Hutto, where he learned important techniques and found his love of working with Illustrative or scratch board. “I remember Prof. Hutto piling objects into the middle of the room; even hanging an umbrella from the ceiling. It played into my love of surrealism, and I created the first of several all hand-done illustrative pieces.”

Horton explains his process…”Each piece took 3 months of dedicating time, and was a labor of love. People admired the work, but I kept getting the same comment, ‘I just wish it was larger.’” At that time scratchboard did not come any larger, so he put the concept on hold. “But after years of working in photo editing and illustration, I decided to create a completely digital series that would be on canvas and much larger; something you could admire up close or at a distance.”

The term Dreamcatcher has a positive force in Native American cultures. As legend would have it, a dreamcatcher represents a safety net, or a way to stop bad dreams from interrupting a person's dreams. Horton explained that his goal for the series is to create a dreamlike state as the viewer continues to look deeper into each piece. There are things the viewer will see on the surface; there are things that require close examination.

He continued, “From a ‘web’ of intersecting lines based on the ‘Golden Rectangle,’ each piece contains objects and symbols positioned to draw the eye in many directions. The pieces are purposely done in black and white, allowing the viewer to determine what is sky, water, land. The pieces are less about how I interpret them, and more what the person viewing them sees.”

“Grayscale Wonderland II” opens on February 6th with an artist reception taking place from 6-9pm at bG Gallery (space # G8A) at Bergamot Station. The arts complex is located at 2525 Michigan Ave in Santa Monica.

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