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How SMS Marketing Conjecture the Future for Your Business

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Marketing of a product or service is the most challenging part that any organization or enterprise face in today’s cut throat tech savvy scenario.

Today one has options of umpteen numbers of marketing options and to select the optimum one that satisfies the business and audience needs is really a tough job to materialize for any entrepreneur.

While there are many other marketing options, the one that is been accepted widely is SMS marketing or the short message service marketing. SMS marketing is a technique that uses text messages to spread promotional message across target audience. It is permission based as approval of the receiver is vital, in other words in order to receive text message specials, information about new products, the customers are usually required to opt in to an automated system by texting an initial short code.

It is the marketing using mobile phone with which the messages are transmitted to the end users. It is the platform that is catapulting to newer heights and gaining interests by businesses both small and large which is obvious as more than 90 percent of the population has mobile sets.

One has to follow few steps to achieve success in this marketing scenario and has to follow certain guidelines like collecting the mobile phone numbers, doing SMS campaigns etc. Well planned and nicely Architected SMS marketing strategy gives the desired kick start to the marketing drive.

For a new business SMS marketing is like a boon or the magical hand as it can predict or visualize the future of the new venture. Say if you want to know as to where the future of your new venture stands 12 months from now SMS marketing can be of great help in getting the answer.

This marketing has low cost and has high reach as it can reach mammoth target audience all across the globe at a very economical price. It is estimated that in this marketing option the response is more as compared to other marketing techniques and why not? The reason is as per the research more than 90% of the population has mobile phones and 98% text messages are responded which is more than as compared to emails that has only 22% response rate. Any average person whether consumer, mobile phone owner or business person checks the phone for notifications more than 100 times.

70% people have informed that receiving an offer by mobile is the best way for business and it entices their attention instantly and more than 65% of the people would prefer that business organizations to communicate more often using SMS for convenience and when one is into new venture why not channelize the merits of this powerful marketing option to gain maximum advantage and to get foresight of the business few months from the date.

With Bulk SMS Service provider the organizations can get a fair idea of the prospect market, the response of their target audience and the prospective demand of their goods and services. Such information enables the planners to chalk out perfect action plan before launching of the product and their services in the market.

Text marketing aids in good promotion of the business. There are many ways to ask people to join viz. in store signage, asking customers upon check outs or adding the text call to action to any of the traditional advertising. The moment the customer texts in, they receive a bounce message thanking them and they are automatically added to the database of the company so that one can send text message of information of product in future.

Text messages with different keywords one can able to get the idea which customers are interested in certain products and services. One can also increase the chances of customer’s text in by incorporating exclusive offer attached to call to action. Also the organization can create the list of people those who are interested in that particular type of product and know who to send similar texts in future.

Time sensitive texts drive in store sales and sending such texts rise the urgency for the people to make the purchases within the stipulated time for e.g. new Company can give discount offers immediately after launch for a stipulated period of time.

Also Bulk SMS marketing can be very well used as a good and robust communicative tool. One can always send the message asking for feedback from the consumers or even ask them about the changes that require in the product of the company etc.

SMS marketing by and large is the blessing in disguise in the hands of any organization. New business can be able to track how there market will respond in near future and plan accordingly.

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