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How Does Coffee Lower Risk to Erectile Dysfunction?

by Jennifer Miller (writer), , February 04, 2016

Coffee is much more than just natural stimulant for brain. The study by University of Texas Health Science Center has found that men consuming greater caffeine every day have lower possibilities of ED

Coffee is much more than just a natural stimulant for brain. The study by University of Texas Health Science Center (Houston), has found that men consuming greater caffeine every day have a lower possibilities of erectile dysfunction (ED). Coffee may work similar to the male impotence treating medication Kamagra pills, wherein the penile corpus cavernosum muscles relax and smooth out to facilitate blood circulation at the extremities to cause erection. However, the exceptions are diabetic men, for whom additional caffeine dose did not lower the odds to ED, as quoted by the researchers.

Caffeine Linked to Reduced Impotence Risk

Many of us have coffee just to stay awake at night or get that refreshing kick when stressed or up in the early morning. But, men now have a better reason to increase or regularly have caffeine generated beverages such as sports drinks, teas, coffees etc. Just like how Eriacta anti-ED pills can enhance erections by dilating penile arteries, coffee can work a natural way of doing so too, with only two to three or three to five cups each day. However, the prevalence of ED in men who are overweight, hypertensive or obese too benefited from coffee similarly, than diabetic males.

One of the strongest causes to erectile dysfunction is diabetes, and it is not surprising that men having this health condition face more frequent impotence episodes or their erection remains unimproved even after taking good dose of coffee. Dr. David Lopes from UTHealth School of Public health finds diabetes as a direct link to ED. The study however could not state the cause and effect of their findings, but an expert said that their results were in line with a recent research of U.S. Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, which stated that three to give cups per day lessens risks to heart disease and Type 2 diabetes.

Risk Factors and Improvements in ED Patients

Both cardiovascular diseases and diabetes are risk factors for male impotence, as in opinion of Dr. Natan Bar-Chama, who is director of Male Reproductive Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital, New York City. Unfortunately, Kamagra Soft tablets that treat impotence may not suit diabetic men. Thus for such males, options to get complete cure to ED are narrowed. Lopez and his colleagues analyzed data of greater than 3,700 males as per survey of U.S. National Health and Nutrition Examination. Men were asked to answer questionnaires about recalling their intake of caffeine in the last 24 hours.

It was found that risk to impotence reduced greatly with two to three coffee cups in a day. In the study, men who tool zero to seven milligrams of coffee or caffeine in a day than those consuming 35 to 170 milligrams were 42% less probable to complain about erectile dysfunction. The rate of ED reduction was 39% of men who drank caffeine between 171 and 303 milligrams in a day, as per recorded by the Texas team. Caffeine sources were soda, tea, coffee, and sports or energy drinks. Alike Zenegra tablets, coffee thwarts impotence by relaxing erectile arteries and muscles to improve blood flow to support erection.

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