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bG Gallery Back at the LA Art Show Jan 27th thru Jan 31st!

Credit: Stephanie Visser
Stephanie Visser, Querencia Series, Untitled # 6, acrylic on paper, 11.5 x 14.5 framed

The LA Art Show takes place January 27th – January 31st bG Gallery will be back for its fifth year.

The LA Art Show takes place January 27th – January 31st bG Gallery will be back for its fifth year.

Artist Stephanie Visser said she was excited to show for the first time at the LA Art Show. She recently returned from Lake Michigan, where she created several new paintings. She will be showing two of her latest works. Visser said she was inspired to create the works by “observing the weather, the amazing verdant green surroundings, the crystal clear northern blue waters…storms, sunsets, cloud formations, local flowers and the peacefulness of small town living.”

Visser has had the chance to show at bG Gallery at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica. “Stephanie is interesting in that she creates strong abstract works with a very specific conceptual purpose,” said gallery owner Om Bleicher. “For instance the paintings we showed at the gallery last year were from her project of painting emotions. The intention of the work was clearly conveyed within the abstraction.”

Visser is continuing her work on her Emotion series. She is currently on number four of what will be six large pieces. “Once those are done, I hope to be able to find a venue to show them all together. This one has been in the works for two years now so it will be a major show once they are finished.”

Linda Vallejo works in various mediums such as painting, mixed media, assemblage and sculpture. Her work has been recognized bythe California/International Arts Foundation’s L.A. Rising: So Cal Artists Before 1980 and the Getty Foundation’s Pacific Standard Time: Art in LA 1945-1980.

Stephen Anderson’s text based works will also be featured. Working in an eclectic range of mediums, such asmixed media, collage, video, and installation. He will be showing his large 'pop-up' 3D sculptural collages, and a few small works. Anderson has previously shown at bG Gallery.

“For the pop-up collage, ‘the Difference Between Wondering and Knowing,' it starts with the text which is an advertising slogan found in magazines,” said Anderson. “From that foundation, I then deconstruct its use for marketing, to an observation of how us humans deal with our existence, from the mundane to the profound with a bit of sarcasm, and a touch of hope.”

bG Gallery will present works of the following artists: Michelle Kingdom, Dan Busta, Stephanie Visser, Linda Vallejo, Ellen Schinderman, Christopher Mudgett, Tatiana Botton, Campbell Laird, Corey Sewelson, Stuart Rapeport, Susan Lizotte, Allois, Susan moss, Stephen Anderson, Bob and Marjorie Moskowitz, Barbara Kolo, Gay Summer Rick, Simone Gad, Ted Gall, Burton Gray, Gregory Horndeski, Linda Smith and Brian Cooper.

Newcomers to the LA Art show include: Burton Gray, Michelle Kingdom, Stephanie Visser Susan Lizotte, Gregory Horndeski, Ellen Schinerman and Brian Cooper are all newcomers to the fair.

Pop by bG Gallery’s booth at 909. For more info on bG Gallery, visit their website

This Wednesday, January 27th, the opening gala will kick off he LA Art Show at the Los Angeles Convention Center, West Hall A, 1201 South Figueroa Street, 90015. The opening event will benefit St Jude’s Hospital. Tickets for the gala run from $125 - $250.

Single day passes are available at $20. The show takes place Thursday, January 28th – Saturday, January 31st from 11am-7pm. Sunday hours are 11am-5pm. For more info, see

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