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Nonprofit Management

by wolviela (writer), Los Angeles, October 24, 2006

Do you have a nonprofit that you are thinkning about starting? Do you think that nonprofit means you can't make any money off your nonprofit? Think again. In this day in age of gas prices raising, unaffordable housing, unstable job market, nonprofits are starting left and right. People are getting smart. Pay our trusty IRS a one time $500 filing feee, create a new spin on an old idea and voila, you have a nonprofit. Never have to pay taxes again. That's why it's called tax-exempt organization. So what do you do with your nonprofit? How to do you get money to sustain it? Well if you live in the Los Angeles, you can contact the wonderful Center for Nonprofit Management. They offer wonderful services ranging from consulting, tech classes for your nonprofits, and education class from managing your nonprofit to conflict resolution on your board. They have a wonderful little resources library and a cool database you can search for free, for foundations that would gladly give to your organization. Check them out.

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