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Crawler Excavators: Benefits and Applications

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Crawler excavators are used for different purposes

There are different types of construction machines people use every day for different purposes. In this article, you will find out useful information about crawler excavators and their features.

Nowadays the market abounds in different types of construction machinery. However, excavators are those vehicles, which are used both for construction and domestic purposes more often as compared to other equipment of this kind. Excavators are primarily used for construction needs, although they can also be applied by the farmers, for example. They typically consist of a boom, a house, a bucket and a special undercarriage that comes with gears and engine. At the same time, it should be noted that the way an excavator looks often depends upon its type and applications. Nowadays, we may distinguish between the following types of excavators:

  • Compact
  • Long Reach
  • Dragline
  • Suction
  • Crawler Excavators

As far as there is an increased demand for crawler excavators today, we will focus on their advantages and main features below.

Crawler Excavators: What Is the Difference?

Crawler excavators are generally quite large and frequently feature impressive horsepower. No wonder, they are basically used for construction purposes and other heavy jobs, including digging, moving massive objects, mining, quarrying, civil engineering, road building etc. Also known as crawling diggers, these vehicles differ from other excavator types by the components they are built of. These include the swivel joints found in the center, the panel, the rotor support, the cabin and, of course, the chassis, which is the major feature of the vehicle. The chassis is needed to help the excavator move freely and become more maneuverable. These elements of the construction make it possible to use the excavator for different purposes, especially when there is the need to dig, move, transport or pick up heavy objects. Listed below are a few other characteristics that make these excavators stand out in the crowd:

  • Fuel economy and dependability
  • Advanced design, which ensures better visibility and vast workspace. This triggers extra comfort and enhanced productivity
  • Responsive and improved hydraulic systems, which contribute to better controllability and smooth movements

More information on the use of these vehicles is available at, so you are welcome to look through the site if you need to find out more about crawler excavators. Now, let us focus on the main applications of these vehicles.

Major Applications

Nowadays, crawler excavators are extensively used for different purposes. People of different professions can make use of their advantages. Thus, farmers may utilize these vehicles to dig vast plots of land, while builders use them to move and transport heavy objects, lift pipes, dig trenches, move earth from one place to another, dig foundations, holes and handle other serious tasks with regard to the construction plans.

Crawler excavators look quite universal at first sight, but this does not mean that one and the same model may be used for all these purposes at a time. The thing is that these vehicles come in different sizes and have different features, which distinguish them from each other. Thus, mini crawling diggers are specially designed to fit through the gates, for example, while those of large sizes are meant to be used for serious construction purposes or mining projects. Such vehicles always have extremely high operating weights. Regardless of the model you will opt for, you may always be sure that a crawler excavator will deliver superior performance and fantastic power. This is exactly what you need to cope with the tasks of any complexity!

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