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Style Guide: Choosing the Perfect Pair of Glasses Frames

Need help choosing a new pair of prescription glasses? Check out our style guide for tips on face shape and which frame will best suit you!

Finding the perfect pair of glasses can be challenging, there’s lots of factors to consider such as your face shape, the practicality, cost and of course, where to shop! It’s just like finding the perfect pair of jeans, you might have to try a few styles to find the one that suits you. We have an abundance of styles available to us now, that it can be a little overwhelming but hopefully these top tips will help you along the way when choosing your next pair of glasses!

1.Determine Your Face Shape

It’s important to know your face shape as this acts as a useful starting point for choosing the correct style of frame to suit you. Oval faces are the luckiest as they can get away with all types of frames! Here’s a mini guide to get you started –

Oval Face Shape: All styles should suit this face type

Square Face Shape: Oval or rounded frames are best

Heart Face Shape: A thicker and bottom heavy frame balances the face out

Round Face Shape: Rectangular frames suit best

2.Choosing A Style

So once you’ve grasped which type of frame sits best for your face, the next consideration is what style suits your day to day life? For example, do you wear glasses all day and therefore find heavy frames can be troublesome? Or perhaps you only use your glasses for reading or computer work and a fashionable frame is what you’re after. The ‘nerd chic’ heavy framed glasses are still very much in fashion, a cat eye style is also a must-have for the style conscious!

3.Where To Shop

Technology has enabled us a much larger variety of choice when it comes to selecting a shopping destination. You no longer have to trek to your nearest opticians, you can let the glasses come to you! For a pair of charitable glasses, Miki Moko a new online glasses seller currently donates 50% of the price paid (which the customer chooses!) to a worthy charity. Pretty cool right?

4.Choosing A Colour

So you know what style you want, you’ve found an online glasses shop but what colour to choose from? Black is the obvious answer, and whilst it is the most practical it’s also fun to experiment with bright colours and patterns to mix it up. Why not buying a practical pair of frames for work and meetings, and a colourful pair for weekends?

As we’re heading into SS16 key colours to look for include elegant pastels, this chunky frame style hits all of the major style points.


And finally, making the purchase! It’s time to bite the bullet and choose the perfect pair of frames. Most reputable online destinations will offer a free returns policy, so this is always worth checking just in case the pair you choose don’t quite suit and you can exchange for a more suitable style!

Good luck and happy glasses shopping!

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