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How to Choose Right Saree as Per Body Structure and Weight?

by tarun pahwa (writer), Delhi, January 04, 2016

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Sarees are considered to be one of the most beautiful and elegant attires for women across the world.

It is believed that a perfectly draped saree can change your look within moments and make your presence stunning on any occasion or gathering. Apart from this there are also another handful of reasons that make the saree so popular amongst women, not only in the country but also beyond. One of the major reasons include, the fact that, sarees are for one and for all. Women belonging to any body structure and shape can look beautiful wearing a saree. It is a fact that there is a saree o suit every figure and accentuates its plusses. You will find a wide selection of beautiful sarees for every body type with kumar sarees ghar laxmi nagar.

Choosing the right saree for your body structure:In case that you are looking forward to buying sarees that suit your body type, you will first have to recognise the shape of your body. Once you have done that successfully, choosing the best sarees for you becomes a tad bit easier from there on. Here is a list of different body types in women and the sarees that look best on them, when draped properly.

Pear shaped women-

Women who possess pear shaped bodies are often characterised with a wider and broader bottom, in comparison to their torso. This makes their body appear in a pear form. For women with a pear shaped body, it is advised that they avoid wearing sarees that puff up when draped. Also avoid wearing sarees that come with frills or excessive patch works. All of these will make you look even wider around your waist, and thighs. It is also advised that you settle for darker hues and smaller prints as these make you appear leaner.

Plus Size women-

There is one advice that goes for all plus sized women- stay away from cotton sarees. The scratched or cotton sarees make plus size women appear broader and bulkier than what they are. The incapability of these sarees to stick to your body, do no good to make you look leaner.

Hour Glass bodies-

For women with an hourglass figure, the options are plenty. You can choose from a wide range of sarees, including- silks, chiffons, satins, cottons, etc. The choice is limitless. Though every material might suit your body, you need to be careful while choosing the colour of your saree. Make sure that they suit your complexion well and make you look even more beautiful.

Tall women-

Tall women have the perfect figure for a saree. Yet it is important that you choose wisely. Do not settle for solid colour sarees with no prints or adornments. Always go for bigger prints and heavier border work. It is the absolute opposite for shorter women.

Now that you know which saree will suit you and your figure the best, walk into kumar sarees ghar laxmi nagar for the best collection in a variety of sarees.

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