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3 Facts about Website Design to Understand Web Design Better

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Responsive Web Designing

To truly understand the web design process, you must look beyond just the outward visual appearance of a website and dig a little deeper.

The true understanding of web design does not come from getting the aesthetic feel of the website, instead looking inwards and knowing what happens behind the scenes of a website conveys the real barebones of web design. Unfortunately, not many of us grasp the working of a website from the technical aspect of it, where each small tweak could make or break the user experience. Minute nuisances like extra milliseconds of loading time, the compatibility of media formats or even the age of code can push the website the website rank deeper down the valley of search engine results page.

Let’s have a look at some of the ignored facts which affect the way a website loads.

1. Each web browser has a specific style

When you look at a website from your web browser on your personal computer at home, it might render differently on your friend’s Safari browser on iPhone. In fact, websites could even render differently on Chrome and Microsoft’s IE on PCs.

Why is that, the same website looks so unlike across devices and platforms?

The reason behind this is the parsing and rendering capacity of each browser or as to put it in layman’s terms, the way the websites translates the code to display it on the screen. If all depends on the coding of the website, since some browsers read the code in a specific order while others might entirely ignore or not recognize the code line.

If can be tricky to create websites that provide a uniform viewing experience based on the browser differences. Hence it is advised to seek professional developers, especially someone from a reputed responsive website design company. The web developer’s tasks include performing extensive browser compatibility text to ensure optimal UX before the website goes live.

Hiring an SEO agency in Manchester to do your website design is a much better Idea, than finding a freelancer.

2. Multimedia Content Has A Lasting Impact On The User Experience

Images and videos are the main power source of multimedia content on the website. The uses of content can singlehandedly affect your website negatively or positively based on the portrayal of the content. Large-sized image files or unsupported video formats will slow down the loading speed of the website especially if the user is on a crummy mobile network connection.

To concisely circumvent this issue, web developers use optimized images which make sure the size remains low yet it does not affect the rich quality. For videos, the universally favored format is HTML5 which is a suited predecessor to the outdated Flash no longer supported on most of today’s latest devices.

3. Code The Website Which Appeals To The Search Engines

There is no use of a cutting edge website if there is no audience to view it. This is where professional SEO services make sure that the users find your website once they input certain related keywords into the search bar.

The way the website is coded even affects the way the search engine bots will read and place your websites on the search engines page. From the title of the web page in the search results to the small description of your site that appears below the title, everything can be optimized to leverage the advantage in your favor.

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