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How to Treat Impotence Linked with Depression?

by Jennifer Miller (writer), , December 30, 2015

If your emotional health is affected by depression, the risk to erectile dysfunction is high. Often, those with mental disorders have a stressed sexual life, which shows on their erectile capacity.

If your emotional health is affected by depression, the risk to erectile dysfunction (ED) is high. Often, those with mental disorders have a stressed sexual life, which shows on their erectile capacity. About a large percent of men with ED rely on medication cure, and may also be diagnosed with mood disorders. Some antidepressants can alter sex drive, while Kamagra Soft Tabs potentially treats male impotence. Thus, while there are down points of approaching ED in depression, it is possible to cure both mental and sexual disorder completely.

There is a strong link between impotence and depression, and most men tend to avoid both these problems. This could be a major reason why more number of males is vulnerable to relationship problems. It is advisable noting the warnings signs to ED related to mental health at the initial phase. With Eriacta pills, men can regain sexual prowess and perform intercourse well. But, psychological impact of sexual health in a negative way can be devastating.

Link between ED and Depression Revealed

The anti-impotence medications may not be of much help always, if the issue is purely psychological. As brain chemicals, if unstable may directly affect the sex drive, preparing for intimacy itself could be a big challenge. Thus, it is vital that if you feel no pleasure or lack of it during intercourse, resulting in ED, the problem may be medical, rather mental health related. Psychological screening is necessary to confirm diagnosis. Though most men get impotence due to cardiovascular, kidney, pelvic health problems, some may get so because of mood disorders.

Sometimes a stress life event may elicit ED response. The event could be death of a close one, stressed relationship with partner, difficulties at workplace etc. All such situations bring a change in emotional health, amounting to depression, if not dealt with properly. The negative thought process often draws a person’s interest away from pleasurable activities like intimacy. Most men reported of ED after death of their spouse, and such incidents are common, until the person comes in terms with the scenario.

Get Rid of Impotence Linked to Mental Disorders

A man having mild or moderate depression can depend on family health, especially from partner in dealing with the mental stress and impotence. While visiting doctor for counseling sessions, the partner can also accompany. The partner has to be very supportive, which could eliminate a large amount of anxiety and unburden the affected male. If the person requires using Kamagra Soft medication to sustain an erection, as prescribed by the doctor, the partner needs to support the decision than discourage the man.

• For any treatment to work, a certain amount of time is consumed. It holds true even for depression and erectile dysfunction. Thus, the affected person needs to be patient, and consume antidepressants for mental health, and Eriacta tablets for erectile problems, as recommended. In few weeks, the results would surely be positive.

• Regular counseling, exercise, healthy food intake can help. The person must stop smoking and drinking alcohol as these are detrimental for both psychological and mental health. If antidepressants are affecting sexual desire, then speak to concerned doctor. He/she may either reduce the dosage or switch the medicine.

• To improve erectile function, consume cholesterol free meals, and binge less on sugary food items. Depend on fiber, magnesium, zinc, and vitamin diet more often. Kill depression by increasing positive social reinforcements, and sharing a good communication with sexual partner.

• Practice yoga, breathing exercises and guided imagery to relieve depression. These may even help in correcting the desire of sex. When a person feels emotionally satisfied and happy, then ED is at least a no from psychological point of view.

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