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Gastric Bypass Surgery in India : Get the Holiday Benefits

India is known as one of the best destination for weight loss surgeries like gastric bypass procedure at low cost under the top surgeons in India.


Obesity is among the common ailment, which is found not just in developed nations but in the other countries as well. It is a condition wherein you find the body mass index (BMI) of a person above 30. This problem of late has turned out to be a global epidemic including India wherein the issue of morbid obesity seems to be affecting 5 percent of the total population of the country. Considering obesity as one of the common issues among people, more and more obese people are seen joining a number of weight loss programs based on exercises and diet. However, when nothing works for them, weight loss surgeries including gastric bypass surgery in India is considered to get rid of the same. But when one talks about considering these surgeries in India for global patients, one needs a competent group like Forerunner Healthcare. This medical tourism company ensures that a global patient coming for Gastric Bypass Surgery in India get the best quality service.

What is Gastric Bypass Surgery?

The weight loss surgery called Gastric bypass combines the small stomach pouch creation, which helps in restricting the food intake and creation of bypasses of the duodenum along with other segments pertaining to the small intestine that further helps in causing malabsorption, which is nothing but the capability to absorb all the calories and nutrients from your food. The gastric bypass surgery is further seen with the following two types:

  1. Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RGB): is among the common gastric bypass surgical procedures carried out in US and other places. In this surgery, the surgeon first, creates a small size stomach pouch with the help of stapling part of the stomach together or by simply via a vertical banding. This can simply limit the amount of food you eat. Next, the surgeon is seen creating a Y-shaped section over the small intestine that is attached over the pouch that helps in allowing the food to bypass over the duodenum along with the first portion of the jejunum, which in turn causes the reduction of calories and nutrient absorption. These days, this surgery is also carried out using laparoscopic approach as well.
  2. Extensive gastric bypass (biliopancreatic diversion): Compared to the above procedure, the Extensive gastric bypass more complicated kind of gastric bypass operation. In this surgery, the surgeon is seen removing the lower portion of the stomach, while the small pouch that is seen remaining here is then connected directly over the final segment of the small intestine and thus it simply completes with the help of bypassing both the jejunum and duodenum. Though this surgical procedure gives one of the best results pertaining to weight loss, yet it is not common procedure for the fact of the matter it is pitted with high risk for nutritional deficiencies.

Gastric Bypass Surgery in India With Forerunners Healthcare

India is known as one of the best destination for weight loss surgeries like gastric bypass procedure. This is due to the presence of the best hospitals for Gastric Bypass Surgery in India along with other weight loss procedures. The global patients get both the high quality service and low cost solutions here in India, which becomes the prime reason to intensify the flux of medical tourism. This has further given a number of health consultants in India, which certain include Forerunners Healthcare. In a group of many medical tourism companies, Forerunners Healthcare ranks at the top for its commitment to high quality healthcare services. The fact is the global patients going for gastric bypass surgery in India reap a number of benefits with the same, right from getting the best surgeon in India to treat them to find one of the best hospitals for their ailment surgery. Also, with medical tourism, you can even club a good holiday in India, which can be easily arranged by Forerunners Healthcare. So, you have big reason to choose this group for your gastric bypass surgery in India.

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