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5 Logo Design Lessons From Fast Food Restaurant

by Alice Jakson (writer), , December 29, 2015

Restaurant logos must be designed to convey business message in simple manner. Incorporate a tagline for directly sending the message to the audience.

Fast food restaurants are everywhere but few of them turn into a brand that people believe in while going out to eat something quickly. There is a heavy competition in the business. This compels the restaurants to come out with an identity symbol that is catchy and is capable of driving customers to the eating-place. For this reason, an attractive restaurant logo become inevitable as part of doing business and choosing a creative and innovative graphic and logo design company because highly significant here. The logo works as a tool to market the restaurant business and ultimately helps in building a solid base of loyal customers.

When, creating impressive food and drink logos for any of of the food point, as a designer or a restaurant owner, the focus should be to design a unique symbol that people can identify with. Elements of colors, fonts, slogan, pictures etc must be carefully selected in keeping with core message of the restaurant.

So, here are some tips to design excellent restaurant logos that stand out.

1.A Simple Concept Also Works – Do not always be under too much pressure to come out with a unique logo concept. Sometimes even obvious concepts also are good and attractive to viewers. If you have a good first idea for restaurant logos, give it a thought and try to build a logo and see the result. Do not necessarily discard your generic concept. Look at these two shining example of food logos that match with their restaurant name.

2. Make Logo Look Friendly – A logo with a friendly and smiley face is always a winner. People can easily relate with such food and drink logo if a smiley face shows up as part of the logo design. The KFC logo has friendly face of Colonel Sanders in human illustration. Similarly, Carl’s Jr and Wendy’s logos use recognizable mascots successfully.

3. Add a TaglineFast food restaurant logos need not to struggle for communicating their message. An effective way to do so is to add a brand slogan or tagline to the logo. The tagline instantly conveys your message and goals to the target consumers.

These two examples of Subway and Quiznos logos show the importance of tagline. Both these global brands are in fast food sub sandwich business.

4. Redesign Logo Elegantly – Your restaurant logo design must evolve with the time. But make sure that the redesign is not too heavy to become unrecognizable for viewers. Remember that people have built some emotional attachment with your old logo design and so an entirely new design will frustrate them. So, tweak your logo just here and there to give it a new modern look that suits to the new age customers’ fashion taste as well. Here are examples of how old logos are converted into a new design just with little changes by keeping the feel and look of the original design.

5 Create Multiple VersionsFast food logos are your identity symbols also that you will be showing up on different media such as digital and print. But not all the design look equally great on all such channels. For example, a logo may look impressive on billboard but may not appear good on a business card. Also, if your logo is in circular shape, it may not go well with a horizontal space. To address this issue, create multiple versions of your food and drink logo.

Following are good example of the food point symbols having another version for use on different media. But note that the new versions are not entirely new designs and instead they look the same with little changes made to suit other mediums.

Hope these tips will help you create excellent restaurant logos.

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