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5 Refreshingly Awesome Places to eat in London

by Michael Jolie (writer), Austrlia, December 23, 2015

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London Food

The restaurant or café’s scene in the city of London has never been hotter.

Some of the restaurants cause thrill in town with its popular dish on the other hand someone else is a crowd puller for their any other cuisine but to find out a complete restaurant or cafes where tables are like gold dust and they are also serving the most interesting and ingenious food in town is much more difficult than you think. We know there are plenty of great classic restaurants and cafes in the city but it is not the surety of class innovative fooding options. Now don’t start thinking that London is lacking in complete resourceful restaurants. Follow the article as in this one we have compiled some of the gastronomic heaven options of the city.

The Melt Room

Thisfantastic place to eat some of the uniquely styled dishes is located in Soho. Melt Room is satisfying the grilled cheese needs of Soho and nearby areas. The ingredients they use are of the optimum quality and where possible locally sourced. Restaurant also offers a healthy juice with a melt in case you're worried about your over growing weight. Basically they are famous for mouthwatering grilled cheese, soup as well as healthy salad and yummy breakfast. Our recommendation is go for grilled cheese sandwiches stuffed as a portobello mushroom sandwich or try in it tuna bean salad. As you will feel they were both one of the best sandwiches of London. The Melt Room’s music is also a cheesy that matches the food. The feel good tunes on play list encompassed with the greatest musical smashers from pop spectrum of both past and present. Melt Room cost you in between £3.50 to £5.00, and the price for Classic cheese Melt is £4.00.

It open from early to the late, so plan your visit to Melt Room in an afternoon slump or prep you before a loud night out. Some of the London cheap hotels are all around to it.

Chin Chin Labs

The innovative Chin Chin Labs is a new addition to the phenomenonal places list of Camden Market. Here ice cream is frozen to order to make it swell clouds of liquid nitrogen generated steam. This is the only place of Europe where you get liquid nitrogen treated ice cream. It may not seem as crazy as it once did, but new tourists will always get a relishing surprise and plenty of happy regulars not even mind to be in queue for their favorite fabulous ice cream. The ice-cream bases are prepared in the form of liquid and thereafter nitrogen is added to freeze them straight away. The shop will give you a feel of chemistry lab, and you will see clouds of steam billowing everywhere. The menu of Chin Chin Labs is commendably short; the chocolate, vanilla and two specials (one ice cream, one dairy free sorbet). Its fat-free creaminess and cool flavors, such as the griddled peach, watermelon and dill are also quite popular. Whereas the haute cuisine references are frequent in flavors such as the coffee and tobacco, or the Guinness caramel with smoked salt. It is always a really electrifying experience, and yes the ice cream is always superb.

Cereal Killer Cafe

Cereal Killer Cafe is situated in the East End part of London and it is known for selling the branded breakfast cereals. Place is the first cereal themed café in the United Kingdom. The twins from Belfast Alan and Gary Keery came up with an idea of selling nutritious breakfast cereal after experiencing a morning hangover. The cafe serves more than one hundred different varieties of global cereal brands, 20 toppings and 12 kinds of milk. Customers can also enjoy coffee, toast and the poptarts. Our recommendations to every new comer are choose peanut butter jelly time which includes peanut butter cap’n crunch, reese’s chips with strawberry milk, or go for “mint choc cHipster” and it consists of chocapic, wheetos and mint aero bubbles. Each and every variety of cereals here is utterly delicious, and you will really want to go again. It is also an awesome place to visit. The shop in the Camden Stables has decorated with old merchandise on the walls, the video games and even beds which people were sitting on.

Boba Jam

If you have never tried bubble tea before then give a visit to Boba Jam near Leicester Square. You will definitely surprise because of its delicious taste. Boba Jam is favorite shop for most of the locals for bubble tea, and they regularly visit here. Bubble tea is in fact a flavored drink with tapioca balls that you can easily suck through your straw. It is completely delicious, and Boba Jam offers so many different flavours in which green apple is everyone’s favourite, but passion fruit is also really good. You can also enjoy lots of different desserts which look fantastic.

It is five minute walk away from Tottenham Court Road Station, so it is really easy to go here.

The Regular bubble teas from Boba Jam cost you £3.60, and the shop also sells the dumplings, main meals and desserts. If your are staying at luxurious The Shaftesbury Marble Arch Suites then you will be just short ride away from here.


Wahaca is one of favorite place for locals to eat in London by a mile. Their main restaurant is very near to Piccadilly Circus, but they have stalls in other places too. Wahaca is known for serving appetizing Mexican food, and everyone inside is lovely and friendly. Customers can choose from such a wide variety of food like tacos, empanadas, quesadillas and dips, whereas the specialty is the pea and mint empanadas and broccoli in green goddess dressing. The desserts of Wahaca are uniquely stuffed which will give you completely different taste in mouth.

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