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Top 10 Best Musical Band Logos of All Time

by Alice Jakson (writer), , December 22, 2015

Music band logos from past vintage era still attract for their unique design, typography, colors and other elements. A glance at them gives even modern designers some inspiration.

Popular culture was responsible for timeless music that people enjoy even after several decades. When we remember that bygone era of popular music, we instantly recall those impressive musical band logos also. Those band logos conveyed something unique about the group of musicians. People associated the logos with the new music trend building up at that time.

In fact, rock band logos of that golden era of music display a wide variety of designs. Some of them contained detailed images that depicted the mood of the era. Other logos depended on specialized typography to convey a message to the music lovers. But all such logos served the main purpose of identifying a musical band.

Timeless band logos are missed today especially when musical groups do not lay much emphasis in these days on creating impressive logo designs. In the bygone era, logos even represented face of the movement. Many such logos became part of artwork for music album.

So, here is our selection of top 10 timeless band logos

  1. Linking Park

This is one of the best band logos, which is a memorable design and people loved it for its simplicity. Note that this logo is impressive even without having any image in it. Many logos of that era had some picture to depict the nature of the band. No doubt the logo was amongst the coolest from the lot.

2 The Beatles

The Beatles had the most impact on the pop culture. The logo has a "Drop-T" as a main attractive feature, though it may not be the most innovative. But the ‘T’’ hold significance because it lays emphasis on the Beat portion on request of the band.

3 The Rolling Stone

The Rolling Stone logo is one of the most popular musical band logos. The ‘red big mouth’ in the logo represents the passionate mouth of the band member Mick Jagger and the mouth was a symbol of rebellious mood of those times. Inspiration for the logo came from the Hindu goddess Kali. The logo thus glorifies the free expression and everlasting energy required in rock ‘n’ roll music.

4 Metallica

Metallica was rock history’s one of the most successful band. Its logo had an exciting look created by to distinctly oversized letters ‘M’ and ‘A’ and it gave an image of a rock and roll of the band. The letters in the start and end of the logo sported a spiky look.


The AC/DC is another most loved rock band logos in entire rock history. The logo has graphic lettering as its chief attractive feature. The lettering comes from the inspiration taken from Gutenberg’s Bible. The font was selected because it matched with the semi-Biblical title the album had. The title was ‘’ Let There Be Rock’’. The logo was used in more than 20 million album covers as well as merchandise.

6 Nirvana

Nirvana logo was unique in the sense that it was not a graphic design. The logo was merely ‘a smiley face with ‘’x’’ eyes Nevertheless it was a popular logo of its times.

7 Pink Floyd

Actually, Pink Floyd had three rock band logos to represent the band. Color choice of the logo was carefully incorporated to depict the mood of the times and the band. The logo has black, white and pink as main colors, which were very common colors to give message of simplicity, depth and magnificence.

8 Led Zeppelin

The Led Zeppelin logotype, designed by Storm Thorgerson and Aubrey Powell of Hipgnosis in 1973, elegantly portrays name of the band. You can notice the brilliance of the designers in using the letters to create a rocking image of the band. This also signifies the diversity of the band’s music.

9 Kiss

Kiss is one of the most recognizable band logos. Use of yellow and shade of red is for giving a message of excitement in the music of the band. Also, you can notice the especially designed lettering.

10 Aerosmith

The logo design is in winged-style. The focal point of the logo is a circle with letter ‘A’ being in the center. The logo represents the bad boy’s image of the band members.

These logos are from bygone era but still hold significance for their design and way of conveying their bands’ message to the audience.

Logos have thus evolved from early stages to modern times with a purpose behind them.

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