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Trend Watch: 4 Apps for Mobile Advertising

by GabbyR (writer), , December 22, 2015

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Mobile digital advertising is clearly on an upward trend. Here's how you can take advantage.

Here is a short list of reliable but relatively affordable places you can use to spread the word about your product and/or to monetize your publications and apps.

So, you have a business or product that you want the world to see.

Maybe you don’t have a million dollars, but you’d like to get the word out anyway. Alternatively, maybe you have a publication or have developed an app and want to add some extra revenue.

Either way, according to digital marketing experts like Jeff Kamikow, mobile native ads are a growing trend you should consider. Some companies do tend to cater to high price advertisers. On the other hand, some are too small to be worth investment. The same goes for the publishing end: There are companies that only care about the big, high impression clients.

Here is a short list of reliable but relatively affordable places you can use to spread the word about your product and/or to monetize your publications and apps.

Best two for the advertiser on a budget:

1. Go2mobi

Operating with greater than 300 billion impressions a month worldwide, Go2mobi is a great place for an advertiser. Its bid-based system makes it affordable for most advertisers. The bids are based on CPM (cost per mille), the price you offer is how much you are willing to pay per thousand impressions.

The encouraging thing about the Go2mobi system is that when you outbid someone your bid goes down to just one penny above what the other person bid. For instance, per Go2Mobi, if you are bidding $10 CPM and the second highest bid is $0.75, you win the auction and pay only $0.76.

2. Sharethrough

Sharethrough is a similar system that also operates on bids. It boasts an impressive collection of high profile publishers including Forbes and USA Today, but is a bit more costly: Sharethrough has a starting bid of $12 vCPM. vCPM is similar to CPM, except you only pay for "viewable" impressions – meaning your ad is on the screen one second or longer.

Best two for a rising publisher:

1. Avocarrot

Designed entirely for monetizing apps, this mobile native ad exchange is pretty straight forward. You can calculate how much money you’ll make from impressions, add it to your app and quite literally farm money. It’s a low pressure way to fund your passion.

2. Mobfox

This is a great exchange for publishers. It takes full advantage of the real-time bidding systems that make companies like Go2mobi affordable for smaller advertisers. Mobfox then takes 20-30 percent of the revenue from the ads, depending on your free membership plan. This leaves the publishers with the vast bulk of the advertising revenue.

Using these four companies, most small startups should have no problem getting the word out about their product. Publishers and app creators can also not only benefit from the digital advertising revenue, but spread the word about their apps and publications through mobile native ads too – thereby increasing their advertising money even more. These kinds of ads have altered the landscape of advertising such that even the smallest players can benefit on either side of the equation.

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