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Top 5 Worst Sports Logo Ever

by Alice Jakson (writer), , December 08, 2015

Sports logo designs must evoke the emotions like fighting spirit and keeping moral high in tough conditions.

Sports is an activity that demands great values such as fighting spirit, making right strategies, be vigorous for achieving the goals, unity of team and so on. Sports people play for pride of their teams and for nation. People’s aspirations also are associated with their favorite sports persons and teams. All such values, which are human values too, must be reflected properly in sports logos.

Unfortunately, many sports teams do not find adequate representation of their emotions and zeal to fight in their sports logo. Such a badly designed logo has potential of adversely affecting moral of the team and its members. On the contrary, cool sports logos radiate energy as it is capable of conveying positive message to the team. This has its influence on performance of the team.

Here, we give you a list of worst sports logos. Just look at them and notice their ugly design, wrong choice of colors, typefaces and overall impression on the viewers. Our purpose of presenting these bad logo designs is to make you aware of bad sports logo design so that you do not end up creating or owning such pieces.

  • Buffalo Bill Cody

This sports franchise is named after famed soldier Buffalo Bill Cody. But its sport logo design confuses the viewers as it has no elements that reflect the legacy of Cody. This is an example of worst sports logo design because it cannot spell the franchise’s name right away. The red thing shooting from the buffalo’s horns is also very confusing, as it explains nothing.

  • Anaheim Ducks

The team name is Anaheim Ducks and so its logo has spelled it out clearly. But a mistake here is that the logo is Disney-inspired designed which is not a good idea since Disney represents entertainment while the team is all about fighting it out in a tough competitive match with rival teams. Moreover, this sleek-looking logo fails to project a terrifying image for the rival teams.

  • Dallas Mavericks

The Mavs logo has too many mixing circles, triangles and rectangles, which create clutter in the sports logo. Not only that the logo confuses even more by including many elements like a basketball, the team’s name, a star and a horse’s head, all very distracting.

  • Tampa Bay Rays

Tampa Bay’s new logo dropped the word ‘Devil’’, which was good step, but the new look fails to impresses. The sports logo design plays on the word ray. To express the emotion that the team will shine like a ray, there is a star but that too appears insignificantly in the design.

  • Portland Trailblazers

Portland’s logo features five red lines to form a circle with the intention of representing game of basketball. But the logo fails to extract any emotion from the players and people as there are simply two set of lines with no purpose.

Take lessons from these logo designs and do not make these mistakes. To create a cool sports logo, know the emotions you want to evoke and history of the team and its values.

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