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3 Responsive Tips That Can Make Your Website Stand Out

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Fundamentals of Responsive Web Designing that Must Master

Are you been to a social gathering lately? Or have you even actually noticed the people around you? Chances are you have seen more of their phones than the actual people.

This is no longer a trend but a norm of life. We are not only plugged in our phones, some of us are largely dependent on their phones for day to day activities. Many of us, (including myself) often panic if the phone is not within an arm’s length. Such is the impact of the smartphone circa 2015.

Mobile is ubiquitous. And mobile is here to stay.

With the rise of mobile phone and its usage, naturally spiking the internet usage, for a website owner it is increasingly necessary to make the website mobile friendly. In the past wherein websites were designed with desktops users in mind and a separate mobile website for the mobile audience, we have now developed a technology that lets us view the same website across multiple devices – the rise of Responsive Web Design.

There are various companies which provide responsive web design services India and around to suit the needs of your website. Here we will look at why responsive web design is the step ahead.

Google Recommends RWD

Google is the primary search engine used by majority of users, so it is only fair to follow what Google recommends, and Google recommends responsive design. Google has also gone on record and claimed that it will rank mobile friendly websites higher than those which aren’t – this can prove quite beneficial for local businesses.

With cross platform access for the users, sharing of content becomes drastically simpler as a post or a website can easily be shared to a friend on his mobile, which he can view without waiting to go home to access it or accessing it without any quality loss.

With 67 percent search market share, when Google speaks, search marketing professionals listen.

Easy Management

Without responsive design, you will be forced to manage two separate websites: one for desktops and a dedicated mobile website starting with m. that is not where the separation and difference stop. If you have multiple websites, it will require separate Google Adword campaigns, SEO campaigns and separate Google Analytic reports. Thus managing one website is far easier than managing two.

Responsive Design Helps Curb Bounce Rates

If you ask any web design company India or worldwide, they will agree in unison that non-responsive websites will suffer if the content is stripped down or appears clunky and out of place on a mobile device. If the content is not alluring, it will result in increased bounce rates. Google will obviously interpret this high bounce rate as a sign that the website is inapt, which will lead to your drop in rankings, which is also why we don’t see mobile versions of sites ranked higher than responsive mobile-friendly websites.

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