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Taking a tour of London in a Victorian style!

by Michael Jolie (writer), Austrlia, December 03, 2015

When a visitor happens to be in London, it almost goes without saying that if he or she is interested in history and in particular, the visitor will keep coming across references to the rule of Queen

There are so many tours which function in the city that it can be said that the only case in which a person who is visiting London and discovering it by making use of the many tours will find himself or herself short of tours to go on will be if he or she spends a very extended period of time in the city.

Though the visitor has to make choices it can be said that, surely, taking a tour of London on a Victorian Omnibus is a unique experience in itself; in a very unique city. The tour is provided by a firm by the name of Stanfords. The reason why the omnibus experience can be said to be unique is because this is a tour in an omnibus which is pulled by three horses. As a result, it can be said that the Victorian Omnibus tour is one which is as close to authentic as it gets.

When a person who is planning to pay a visit to London, the central part of the city is supposed to be the best place to stay especially when one takes into account the fact that he or she wishes to go on an omnibus tour of the city. There are just so many hotels in central London but as a matter of fact, it is very important that the hotel the tourist finally makes the choice to stay at is one which provides good value for the price paid; along with the good location of being in Central London. A hotel such as The Montcalm Brewery is an example of a hotel of this kind.

As for the route which is taken by the omnibus, around the city, the tour starts at the office of Stanfords in the area of Covent Garden, and then goes on to go around Trafalgar Square [the tribute to Lord Horatio Nelson and the Battle of Trafalgar], before going through Whitehall; which is a power centre in the capital, the Palace of Westminster, Pall Mall, Piccadilly and finally the trendy area of Soho; whose people are quite contemporary and liberal in their outlook.

It can be said, at the very least, that this is a pretty significant and historic route and a person who goes on the tour will learn a fair amount about the stories and history behind the attractions one will go by. What can also be said about the tour is that the time in the run up to Christmas is great to go on the tour as the person who goes at this time can get some spectacular views of London all decorated and lit up in preparation for the big festival.

As for the pricing of the tour, if one chooses to go for the family package, it will cost him or her sixty pounds; which is a fee which accounts for two adults and two children. Bookings can be made at the place itself in Covent Garden or if one cannot go there, online on the website of Stanfords. It is to be noted that these tours do not run everyday and they run on only two days of the week; which are Tuesday and Thursday; thrice in the afternoon of each day. Taking into account the limited runs and the limited capacity of each tour, it would probably be considered to be prudent for a person who is interested in going on the tour to go right ahead and book his or her tickets!

It is interesting to know that the horses which pull the omnibus are not English horses; which may seem more than a little counter intuitive especially taking into account the fact that a Victorian Omnibus tour of the city promises to espouse all things Victorian English. The reason for this, however, is that the horses are actually Belgian as they make the best horses for the purpose of drawing carriages.

Keeping duly with the entire range of customs which were prevalent at the time of Queen Victoria, the staff who take on the positions of coachman and driver are dressed in apt clothing which is inspired by the fashion style which existed then; which is something which is great and gives the person going on the tour a greater feel of what it must have been like to live in the Victorian age; all those years ago.

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