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Top Tips for a Productive Working Environment

Want to create a pleasant and motivational atmosphere for your employees and visitors? Read these top tips in how to create a productive working environment - minimal expenditure needed.

Your work area is where you spend the most part of your week, sometimes you might even feel like you spend more time in the office than your own home! A positive and inspiring work environment is therefore important to maintain your motivation, enthusiasm and productivity. There’s nothing worse than spending a minimum of 40 hours a week in an area that’s drab and depressing. You don’t have to go overboard with the expenditure either to create an uplifting environment. There are ways you can budget to make your office a pleasant and welcoming area for not only your employees but your customers too. Let’s start with a few effective and inexpensive changes you can make:

1.Open Plan

Introduce an open plan method of working, it’s contemporary and more efficient. By bringing down the dividers you will enable your team to communicate much more effectively and you might even see an increase in productivity too. It also enhances your team building and connections amongst various departments.

2.Comfy Seating Areas

It’s amazing the difference a chill out area can make to your overall work environment. By offering a zone for your team to unwind, relax and take a few minutes out when work gets stressful will be greatly appreciated by your employees. It also offers an area for casual meetings too. This doesn’t have to be pricey either, check out gumtree and eBay for great deals on furniture, add a throw and a few pillows and your office will be transformed.

3.Tidy Up The Paintwork

Chipped, marked and dull walls are depressing. A fresh lick of paint can work wonders for a room and turn it from drab to fab. Get your team together and take the day off from the usual tasks to decorate the office together. It will get the job done at minimal cost and provide a fun team building exercise too. If you’re feeling really creative why not decorate the walls with a brand message, check out this guy who decorated his office wall using 8,024 post it notes!

4.Increase Facilities

By adding a few extras to the office you can greatly improve your employee’s day to day routine and show that you care for their wellbeing. Items such as an office coffee machine or office water cooler is a good addition, providing fresh drinking water all day long. If space is an issue you can find desktop water coolers that won’t clog up the office floor too much!

5.Make It Homely

Ok we aren’t suggesting you put up a family photo on the wall but small additions such as fresh flowers, a tin of biscuits and a nice piece of art on the wall can make a big difference. Try and step away from the strict corporate feel, it’s neither attractive nor welcoming.

6.Let There Be Light

Ensure you’re utilising the natural light in the best way possible. Clear windowsills of clutter and enable as much light as possible to shine through. Let’s face it, fluorescent lighting systems aren’t the best and can cause headaches, in fact they’re said to be a migraine trigger which can cause major discomfort for your employees. It’s time to open the blinds and clear the window of all mess!

Hopefully these simple tips will inspire you to give your office a shake up and create a warm and friendly environment for all employees, guests and clients. You’ll be amazed at how an enhanced working space can affect the overall morale and motivation of your team. Good luck.

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