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Arduino - Interactive Electronics for Everyone

by Romeo Demes (writer), , November 30, 2015

Credit: Photo by Mozilla in Europe (CC BY 2.0)
Arduino hack: light sensor programmed to indicate light level

A programmable logic controller called Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform.

Builders and creators who love to work with electronics are continually keeping their eyes open for the next project. Creating has many useful benefits. The act of being able to liberate the mind and achieve the sensation of freedom is truly a passion. However, the lack of knowledge as well as being held back by time and money can interfere in the electronics projects that one wishes to achieve.

A programmable logic controller called Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform. The purpose of the Arduino is to give the user the option of programming a small computer to perform certain actions. The Arduino interacts with the world on many different levels by such means as electronic sensors, motors, and lights.

The purpose of this device is to make the more difficult electronics projects available to anyone. If one desires to explore unique ways of creating, the Arduino is the perfect programmable logic controller.

What Can You Build?

The wonderful thing about having a creative mind is that the possibilities with the Arduino are endless. You can create such things as robots, laser harps which can make trance-like sounds, and LED Cubes. The only limit when it comes to creating with the Arduino is one's imagination.

What is Open Source and Where do I get it?

The hardware and software is Open Source. What this means is, is that it is open to the public so you can access the plans online where they are available. When the user opts to utilize the open source files online, they will then have to purchase any components that are necessary to complete the project.

The other option, aside from other Open Source platforms, is by purchasing a pre-made Arduino. When the consumer purchases the original, the funds will aid in further maintenance as well as the development of the Arduino.


The Arduino has the special ability to either operate on an independent basis or through a connected computer. The computer connected will, then, have access to such data as sensors from the world as well as provide advice. It is also possible to connect to controller chips and other electronic gadgets. It will take time and dedication as far as the learning process is concerned, but the end results are limitless as you begin creating your projects.

Cost-Efficient and Adaptable

In order to purchase the full unit, an investment of a starting price point of $50.00 is needed. Considering the costs of other platforms, the Arduino is easily obtainable for everyone. You can get it in your local eletronics shop or buy Arduino online if they don't have it. You can also program the language, which will be simple to do for those familiar with Java. The device is based on programming and, with time and striving to finish your goals, you can gain the knowledge needed to complete the amazing projects on your list.

Another exciting feature is that it is a fantastic learning tool. Children, teenagers, and adults can equally benefit from having an Arduino in their possession as they learn more about electronics, robotics, and programming.


With the wealth of support from other Arduino users around the world and organizations, those interested in adding this project to their list are never in danger of lack of help. Arduino is flexible in regards to the project that the creator has in mind.

The open-source computer software and hardware is perfect for beginners as well as those with a more advanced background. Having been on the market for a decade, the future looks bright for Arduino and those that create fantastic projects.

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