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Amazing Hot Air-Ballooning in Jaipur

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Amazing jaipur

Hot air ballooning in Jaipur has become worldwide famous recreational event. Travelers from round the globe hit Dera Amer in pink city Jaipur to enjoy the wonderful yet dumbstruck ride of balloon.

Are you crazy to swing in the air? Have you ever tried bungee jumping or rafting? These are the synonyms of adventure. Every tourist knows pink city ‘Jaipur’ as the city of palaces and forts belonging to the kings. But can you imagine what excited things it hides apart from these imperial legacies? These are recreational centers that make your heart beat faster. Those who are in love with nature and animal, it has elephants playing polo in Dera Amer. For party animals, it has Lava bar and Royal bar to freak out. The hunt for exclusive shopping centers ends at City Mall, Triton Mall and so on.

The most fascinating event that can be known as the king of all events is hot air ballooning in Jaipur. The whiffs of Hawa Mahal and the height of Jantar Mantar appear quite faded if one compares it with the adrenaline rush during hot air ballooning. It takes you to the horizon where air starts tickling the bones and gifts you the maximum joy at Jaipur pink city tour. What an amazing feeling it is! The travellers try to grab the sky in their fists from the balloon. Passing by the eye-catching vegetation, grounds, lakes and hills under the balloon are enough to drop their jaws. Shrieks come out of their mouth when they find themselves sailing in the air while the throat gets choked. PHEWW….!

Perfect Destination to Land:

It is the play of blowing air which decides from where to start this balloon ride. But usually, it is Amer Fort from where travellers glide in the air through inflated balloons. The expert pilot uses his brilliance and veteran mind to check the direction of the wind first. Thereby, he signals green to riders for getting ready with their guts for challenging the gust.

Time To Sail In Hot Air Balloon

The sun set and its rise are the two perfect times for tourists to enjoy the fullest of their Jaipur tour packages in hot air filled balloon. After dawn at 5:30 am and 4 pm, the hordes of travellers from India and abroad set their eyes on balloon which gets inflated with the hot air. This is an excellent time when flights do not take off. Winter season gifts the greatest bliss to them who come for this adventurous ride. September to April and November to February are the best cut out of the time period for this gallantry ride.

Riding in a balloon takes them to the visit of the sky. Roughly, it takes an hour in total to swing in the air balloon. But the sailors have to wait for at least 3 hours to step into the air. To its maximum, a balloon reaches to 1200 feet from the ground. It’s frightening if one looks down from the balloon ride.

Intensive care is taken while launching it. No one is allowed to ride individually. The group of 4 to 8 fliers comes on-board of a single balloon.

Prohibitions: Anyone with strong heart is invited to taste fun of this ride except pregnant women and the younger kids who belong to under-5 age group. It is for their safety only that they can map the height of up to 1.5 meters.

Expenses: Rajasthan tour packages from Delhi or any other metropolitan offer this golden opportunity to travellers. But it is not so reasonable. Mostly foreigners and the rich section of the society afford it. Approximately, Rs. 9,000 or more is charged per head but the foretold richer section easily gets ready to pay for this memorable experience. All in all, it takes 3 hours to splash in the fun of hot air ballooning.

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