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Simple Tips To Help You Pressure Wash Like A Pro

by Sydney Pro (writer), , November 25, 2015

Get your driveway, deck or concrete surface looking like new with these simple pressure washing tips.

With the wide range of pressure washing machinery on the market today, it has never been easier to pressure clean your property. In order to prevent damage to your home, here are some simple tips that will not only prevent you ruining the finish on your concrete driveway, but will also provide you with professional results.

Basic Pressure Washing Method

  1. Soak the surface in order to soften and loosen the contaminants.
  2. Keeping the nozzle at a distance of about 20cm from the surface, use your pressure washer to clean the concrete. Ensure your passes overlap to provide a consistent clean. This first step will not remove all of the harsh stains but it prepares the surface for the chemical cleaning to follow.
  3. Coat the surface with bleach, ensuring that you do not breath in the fumes.
  4. Once again keeping the nozzle about 20cm from the surface pressure wash the surface. The bleach will start to lift off the stains and you should be left with a clean surface.
  5. Rinse the surface.

This method sounds easy, but don't underestimate the time and effort it will require to get your concrete surface back to near new condition. Also, don't be surprised if a lot of stains can not be removed from porous concrete. If you do not have an industrial strength pressure washer and specialised chemicals you will not be able to produce the same finish that a professional pressure washing team can. But here are some tips that will help you.

Use The Right Nozzle

Most amateur pressure washers will only use the one nozzle when they are cleaning a surface, but if you watch a professional clean a concrete driveway, you will see them constantly changing nozzles. Each nozzle has a specific function, and it is important to know the function and use each piece accordingly. As a general rule, wider fan patterns are used for rinsing, medium spray nozzles are used for general cleaning, and narrower pin nozzles are used for removing harsh stains. Choosing the right nozzle will help you remove stubborn stains and rinse large surfaces quicker.

Bigger Isn't Better

The common thinking that the highest pressure setting is needed to provide the best clean is not true. Most professional operators rarely use a very high setting. Instead they use advanced cleaning chemicals to help pull up the stains ans produce great results. When you are cleaning your deck or driveway, avoid the maximum setting as it can damage the surface. Regulate the pressure by using the appropriate nozzle for the job.

If there are areas of your property that you can not safely access, or stains that are not easily removed, call a professional pressure cleaner to complete the job. Experienced operators have access to advanced cleaning solutions and safety equipment. You may be surprised at how affordable a professional pressure clean from an operator such as Pressure Cleaning Sunshine Coast is.

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