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The World's 5 Most Amazing Swimming Pools

This collection of swimming pools comprises the world's most iconic pools, from the world's largest to the world's most famous swimming pools

With a long hot summer only a fortnight away, there is no better time to enjoy a refreshing swim in a swimming pool. But take this time to let your mind wander as you imagine yourself diving into one of the world's 5 most amazing swimming pools.

1. San Alfonso del Mar, Algarrobo, Chile

If bigger is better, then there is no better place to start than the world's largest swimming pool. Being larger than 20 Olympic sized pools, this pool is even six times bigger than the second biggest pool in the world. To illustrate the dimensions of this behemoth think about this, it is not uncommon to see small boats sailing from one side of the pool to the other.

The designers of this pool not being content with just constructing the world's largest pool, also wanted to set the record for the world's deepest pool, with the deepest point being 35 metres. With proportions like this, you would have to think it would also be the world's best setting for playing a game of Marco Polo.

2. Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool, Singapore

Located on the 57th level of the Marina Bay Sands, the world's largest rooftop infinity pool is something you have to see to believe. You know that it is must be spectacular when you realise that people fly all over the world to Singapore just to experience a a dip in this marvel of engineering. Don't worry as it stretches across three buildings at 150 meters in length, there is room for everyone.

3. Golden Nugget Pool, Las Vegas, Nevada

How would you like the excitement of swimming with sharks, without the danger of actually swimming with the sharks? The amazing design of the pool at the Golden Nugget casino cost nearly $30 million to complete, but this unique structure provides swimmers with the opportunity to slide down a three-story waterslide through the middle of a shark tank. It is all completely safe, but just remember to jump into the pool and not the shark tank.

4. Frank Sinatra's Twin Palm Pool, Palm Springs, California

There are not many pools that could compete with the famous names that have relaxed at the iconic piano shaped pool at Frank Sinatra's Palm Springs locale. Flanked by two large Californian palms at the end of the pool, the Twin Palms pool hosted some of the most memorable Hollywood pool parties of all time. If you ever get an opportunity to take a swim at this legendary party pad then be sure to belt out “That's Life”, but then again maybe as Frank sang it might just be an “Impossible Dream”.

5. The Joule Hotel, Dallas, Texas

Why swim in a rooftop swimming pool, when you can swim in a beyond-the-roof swimming pool? This unlikely swimming pool reaches beyond the buildings lines so that swimmers get the unique experience of swimming off the building's edge. The awesome view will ensure that whether you are swimming some laps, or just relaxing on the edge, your heart will be racing.

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