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The Essential Interior Car Detailing Guide

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Get the interior of your car looking great with these simple tips.

Clean your car's interior like a pro with these simple tips and tricks.

We all know the great feeling of satisfaction you get when you are looking at your gleaming car in your driveway after you have cleaned it. But wouldn't you love to get amazing results like a professional car detailer?

There are a lot of great guides on the net that show a lot of tips and tricks that professional car detailers use to provide a showroom shine, but you will not find a collection with all of the industry secrets for cleaning the interior of your daily drive. So read on and block out your Saturday afternoon out so that you can get your vehicle back to near new condition.

Cup Holders – They may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of cleaning the car, but that is why they are so important to clean. Cup holders are generally missed in the routine clean, so they are one of the dirtiest spots in the car. In order to clean them fast and efficiently, put an old clean sock over the bottom of a travel cup, spray it with some auto interior cleaner and twist. You will be able to clear out that gunk that not only looks bad, but causes a musty smell.

Pet Hairs – Dogs may be man's best friend, but they are a car's worst enemy. Pet hairs can get stuck in car interiors, and are a pain to remove. To remove pet hairs that are stuck in your carpet, put on a pair of latex gloves and rub your hands over the carpet. The static electricity will cause the hairs to rise up in the carpet so that they are easier to remove.

Windows – The difference between an average car wash and a professional car detailing is attention to detail. So instead of just washing your windows on the outside and then being content with the streaky finish, clean the windows on both sides. Clean the interior and exterior of the windows with Rainex, or a similar product. Use horizontal strokes on the exterior and vertical strikes on the interior so that you can easily identify any streaks. Be sure to roll down the window a tad so that you can clean the top of the window that is normally covered when the window is done up. In order to clean the bottom of the rear window, use the back of your hand with a microfibre cloth. This will allow you to access the window easier, so that you do not miss a spot.

New Car Smell – The biggest industry secret is, how to get an old car to have that new car smell! There are a lot of artificial chemicals out there that promise to restore that original factory odour to the car, but there only provide temporary results. In order to get rid of your old car smell, you need to look into an area that is always overlooked when you clean the car – the air conditioning ductwork. Use a portable air compressor to blow the dust and contaminants out of the heating and cooling systems. Point the tip of the air compressor behind the vent grills where a lot of sediment builds up and causes the iconic old-car smells.

Set aside some time this weekend to not only clean the paintwork of your car, but give the interior of your car some proper attention. You will be amazed at the results you will get from applying these tips from the best car detailing Sydney firm..

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