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Cecilia Rodriguez trial the wedding dress

by tideboxes (writer), , November 21, 2015

Everything is ready for the wedding of her sister Belen is now common knowledge

Missing very little to the marriage between Cecilia Rodriguez and Francesco Monte and sister Belen took advantage of the event "The dress of dreams" for the tests to be bride. In white dress sexy and overwhelming, the Rodriguez walked the runway of Dubrovnik with the clothes of the most important day. Emotion and sex appeal, that the evidence for the wedding day with Francis.

Everything is ready for the wedding of her sister Belen is now common knowledge. Choosing the location, an oasis from the Arabian Nights in Puglia, and the details, just missing that the people involved unveil the date of the fateful day. Meanwhile Cecilia, guest at Villa Gerosa in Ragusa, Sicily enjoys cause with sensual wedding dresses. That among those worn there is also his?

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To reveal the intention to marry had been the same Cecilia, last spring. Output from the Island of the famous declared on TV: "This man told me that he wants to marry me, the morning of departure as I was saying goodbye. He confessed that he had never thought about, but now he felt like doing it with me. "" It 'a thought, a feeling I had inside of me, after a while' time - confirmed Francesco Monte - I 'the first time I'm telling the person I am a thing. She stimulated me more than all the other relationships that I've had. "

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