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Art LIves Within Everyone through the Power of Healing!

Enjoy a reception for "Mirrors of the Mind 4: The Psychotherapist as an Artist” this Saturday, November 21st, 2015, from 5 to 9pm at Art Share LA.

Art lives within everyone. “Mirrors of the Mind 4: The Psychotherapist as an Artist” is a very different type of art show. This group exhibition features artists who are also psychotherapists, and is presented by the Community Outreach Committee of the Los Angeles County Psychological Association.

Artists Stuart Perlman, Karissa Burnett, Alisa Dennis, David Feingold, Gary Felton, Christine Forest, Flora Golden, and others have been selected to be a part of the exhibition.

David Feingold’s work is solely digital. “I strive to give my digital images a painterly quality, despite being done on my laptop!” Feingold said one bene?t is being able to do artwork anytime. “I was on a 2,000 mile cross country motorcycle trip this month and had an urge to do some artwork while at the same time taking a break from riding all morning. Even most small towns have a library, so I sought one out and found one in rural Virginia, where I plugged in and went to work on my laptop.”

His inspiration for this work that will be included in “Mirrors of the Mind 4” comes from his experience of having temporal lobe epilepsy. “Before I knew I had epilepsy and went on medication for it, I used to experience some very disconcerting and uncomfortable absence seizures, sometimes several times a day. They felt like out of body experiences, vertigo, nausea, feelings of doom, and déjà vu. The abstract image behind the staring head in the foreground, above is also a head and can be seen if you look carefully. The eyes of that head are near closed, nearing slits, reinforcing the effect of the gazed look in the head in the foreground, of being cut off from the outside world via a seizure.”

The artists participating in the exhibit were selected by a group of jurors… Robert Bilder Ph.D., James Catterall Ph.D., Rebecca Catterall, and Gus Harper.

Rebecca Catterall has been one of the jurors of The Mirror's of the Mind since its inception. An artist herself, she knows first hand what why art is so important. "Art is another way to make a connection - either with yourself or others. The process of making art, for many, taps into an internal voice, dream, or expectation. The sharing of art is being studied in neuroaesthetics for the impact on the viewer when art is experienced. Mirrors of the Mind goes beyond how a therapist might use art therapy, but gives the therapist a venue for their self-expression."

Co-founders of the Mirrors of the Mind annual exhibition, Terry Marks-Tarlow, Ph.D. and Pamela J. McCrory, Ph.D. are curating the exhibit at Art Share LA’s gallery space in downtown LA.

Artist and psychologist Stuart Perlman, Ph.D., whose work also will be included in the show, has been painting the faces of homeless people since 2010. His exhibition called “Faces of Homelessness” is running now at Arclight Cinema Culver City on Washington Boulevard in downtown Culver City.

Perlman has a film documentary about the project called Struggle in Paradise, which was named the “Best Movie of the Year” by the National Association for Advancement of Psychoanalysis and received an “Honorable Mention” award in the American Psychological Association's 2014 film Festival.

The reception for “Mirrors of the Mind 4: The Psychotherapist as an Artist” is Saturday, November 21st, 2015, from 5 to 9pm at Art Share LA. Other activities such as a poetry reading (5-6pm) and Community Art Creation (4-9pm) will also happen at the event, along with a silent auction featuring some of the exhibited pieces of art. Live original music and light refreshments will be provided.

There is a $10 admission for the general public; $5 for students and LACPA members. The exhibit will be on view for free Nov 18- Nov 28. Art Share LA is located at 801 E 4th Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90013; (213) 687-4278;

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