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Best Cities to Visit in China

by IvanH (writer), , November 16, 2015

Credit: Photo by Loic Lagarde (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)
Shanghai from Suzhou Creek

China is the most populous country in the world located in East Asia. China gets composed of various landscapes that include desert, lakes, grassland, mountain ranges, rivers and a coastline.

The country’s capital city is Beijing that combines modern architecture with its historic sites. Shanghai is China’s largest city and a global financial center. China has its iconic Great Wall fortification that runs east to west across the country’s north. China is nowadays becoming a travel destination that attracts millions of people every year. Here are some of the best cities that you can visit in China whether for leisure or business.

1. Beijing

The city is rich in history and the country’s capital for over 700years. Some of the finest remains of China’s history found here include the Great Wall of China constructed for defense, the Forbidden City known as the largest and well-preserved ancient imperial palace in the world. There is also the Temple of Heaven and the Summer Palace. Although there have been great changes over the years, Beijing has preserved most of the traditional lifestyle in some of the oldest neighborhoods of the city.

2. Shanghai

It’s the largest prosperous city in China and some of the things you will enjoy here include the gorgeous Night Scene of the Bund. It has a modern atmosphere that mirrors that of Paris and New York. For those who love doing business, this city is a good destination as it’s one of the leading economic and also business cities in the world.

3. Xi’an

Its history dates back to 221BC as the first capital of the then United China. The city has various historical sites and many precious relics like the Terracotta Army. The city is also considered as the window that opens one to China’s Ancient civilization. It also houses two historical Buddhist Pagodas, the Great Mosque, and the Ancient City Wall. The city becomes highly loved by foreign travelers as a tourist destination.

4. Guilin

The city is China’s top Karst landscape and known as one of the most beautiful places to land on earth. You enjoy the Yulong River Rafting, and it has a natural beauty made of the vegetation-clad pinnacles found on the banks of Li River. You will enjoy the sight of two tourist honeypots; Yangshuo and Longsheng. You will enjoy the Western food and beer.

5. Hong Kong

There are many reasons to visit the beautiful city of Hong Kong. It enjoys being dynamic and having a vibrant life. The city is also an economic and financial hub in the world and it has a good measure of independence. Hong Kong is famous for movies and is a fusion of culture. For those who love shopping, Hong Kong is a shopping paradise and has a tourist-friendly atmosphere. Places to visit in Hong Kong include its amazing beaches as well as natural sights for those who love outdoor activities. You can opt to take a holiday break in Lantau Island and enjoy the beauty of China. Some of the places to visit in Hong Kong include the following: You can see the Avenue of Stars Skyline, riding the Star Ferry; ascend for the Victoria Peak View, get a relaxing massage at a famous spa where you can even treat medical conditions, but also shopping and sightseeing on Nathan Road among other things.

6. Suzhou

The city is known for its elegant Chinese traditional gardens and water towns. These gardens and town present a mixture of natural scenery of architecture and painting. You will enjoy the sight of wooden houses that are centuries-old, arched stone bridges as well as people in bamboo hats punting sampans.

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