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Advices to travellers

by jefft (writer), , November 14, 2015

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Are you a traveller? Follow this article because I share different things from "Europe Trips"

Are you traveller? We know, it is easy to travel from a city to another city in Europe.

What about other countries? Like India, Morocco, China?

If you want to see really different things, you have to do this trips...

I did!

I have been in Istanbul, Turkey one month ago. (I'm from Netherlands by the way)

I am really in love with Turkish Kebab in Amsterdam. One day I decided to go to Istanbul and eat those foods at the original city.

I'm not regret! Even I'm so happy and want to share all my experiences!

How curious you are?

Let's begin.

1- Turkish food in Istanbul

I told you... The best foods in the world coming from Istanbul... Visit this site for details.

2- Turkish History

Visit Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia. I have many pictures. You can see on my blog.

3- Turkish People

They area friendly, warmly, helpful... Isn't it enough?

4- Turkish Hotels

I stayed at the biggest hotel in Istanbul. That was in city center. (Taksim Square) Easy to reach everywhere.

5- Places in Istanbul with views.

This is the most beatiful thing in Istanbul... You know, there are two sides of Istanbul. Europe and Asia. You have to pass the bridge!

6- Taste Raki

Turkish traditional drink Raki... I shocked! This is really different. We know how to party in Amsterdam. But there is another things to do with alcohol. Raki is not like party style. Just drink it and chat with your friends... I have no idea about Raki alcohol percentage but it is really strong...

7- Go to Istanbul

Why are you still waiting?

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