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Whispering & Its International Trade Implications?

by Misery Bunny (writer), Honolulu, October 18, 2007

The striptease of the ear, already naked. That sibilant tickling of the body's smallest bones. The breath. Followed by the glance, the meeting of eyes for reassurance. Yes, we've understood one another. Despite the crowded Barnes and Nobles, the rumbling of the bus, the press of unwanted humanity around us. Yes.

This is called "whispering." And I wish to fuck it were more popular in America. Instead, I know the exact ingredients people three tables away from me need to complete their dinner. And their child hasn't done its homework, but would really, really like to buy this manga. Or I'm aware that the person next to me is aware that she is on the bus, yeah, on the bus, and that she's about to go home, and no, it's not an awkward time to call. And rather than wondering what it could be that presses you so tightly to the side of your friend, that causes you to clutch her wrist, and her involuntary laugh to escape, I know for a fact that you are extremely boring. Because you're discussing the price of handiwipes at 7-11.

In France, yelling is reserved for home. "Audoin! Giles! A table!" -- at the shrillest decible imaginable. Followed by the shattering of plates where one's lover's head was supposed to be. Par contre, the low murmur is what is heard on the metro, the park. Heads actually tilt toward one another. In restaurants, cutlery is actually audible. And not because people aren't deep in conversation.

While not currently covered by trade treaty, nor tested on our local populations, and despite the impact of the freedom fry lobby, America should certainly look into increasing its importation of this thing called "whispering." Perhaps we can pay for any deficit by exporting the smile?

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