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What tech gadgets to acquire when preparing for college

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Educational period in college is full of both joy and stress but it can be made easier, at least that study part. Modern technologies, especially tech gadgets, come here pretty handy.

Heading to college next year? It’s a great period of a person’s life, although you’ll always have a lot on your plate: all these lectures, exams or essays can be tough to handle. But gadgets are here to help, and a few cool devices will help you reach your goals. Here is our pick of the most essential college student gadgets.

HGST Touro S 1TB portable hard drive

You’re going to use your laptop a lot every day; for taking notes, writing essays, studying etc. Sorry to say, but malfunction of some kind is bound to happen sooner or later, so having a backup is the main reason why you need an external hard drive. It has USB 3.0 compatibility, operates at 7200 rpm, and even has 3 GB of cloud storage, meaning you’d have remote access to your files from any computer via browser. Safely tucked in an aluminum enclosure, it comes in gold, silver, red and black, and you can find it for as low as 70 dollars from online resellers.

Neo Smartpen N2

The Neo Smartpen N2 will change the way you take notes: although it looks like a regular pen, it works with special notebooks and/or Android or iOS Notes app and captures everything you write or draw in digital form. The app can arrange all of your notes into multiple notebooks, and if you have bad handwriting, it can be converted into plain text, which will make your notes easy to read and searchable. You can, of course, save them to your computer and work with them without your mobile device afterwards. It’s possible to send these notebooks online via mail or share them on social media, the only minus being their price – a single hard cover notebook is about twenty dollars.

24Kupi Smartwatch

Appreciated for their versatility and handiness, smartwatches are pretty popular among the student population: they have Internet capabilities (meaning you can check your social media profiles), play music, and there is a great number of various apps for anything you wish. You can find alarm, fitness or weather apps depending on your interests. This smartwatch, also known as the cheat watch, is a pretty good choice as it can store text, which can be easily read on its screen.

Noise cancelling headphones by Audio-Technica

A decent pair of headphones is necessary in any dorm environment: they will help you focus on studying even if your roommates are making a tremendous amount of noise. The ATH-ANC70 by Audio-Technica blocks 90 percent of outside noise, offers great quality of sound and even has a microphone for taking calls (and can also work with smartphone).

Power Cube outlet adapter

Outlet-multipliers are a requirement in every dorm room: unless you want to constantly shuffle your tablet, smartphone and laptop chargers, Power Cube outlet adapter is the way to go. You’ll have outlet space for all of your devices plus a lamp or whatever, and the adapter comes in several versions. The Power Cube Original turns a single AC outlet into five, and the Power Cube Original USB has four AC outlets and two USB ports. They come with a mounting bracket, meaning you can put the unit on a wall or under your desk. The two Power Cubes can be chained, which gives you an even wider range of options.

All of these gadgets are fun and will make your college life easier: they store and organize information (hard drive, smartwatch and smart pen), help focus on studying (headphones), and will ease the life in a small dorm room (Power Cube adapter). With their help, your journey to a diploma will be safe and smooth!

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