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5 Simple Rules of Typography to Enhance Your Web Design

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Just like any other profession, you need to really grasp and understand the universal rules of web designing, and follow them all the time.

If you ask about client needs to any Web Design Company India, they would confirm that they all want a beautifully designed website, yet it is surprisingly hard to find good web designers who know some things the rest of us don’t.

Since there are dozens of websites which are prime contenders of being the worst website of all time, we can only learn from the mistakes of others and not repeat what they repent.

Know the Foundation and Rules of Design

Websites are majorly comprised of text. From the point of view of a designer, it should be treated as a typographical design, and since print have been one of the longest form of media, humans have pretty much perfected typography to categorize it with certain rules.

When designing a typical web page, make the headlines bold and attention-grabbing. If you are not sure with the type of font, stick to the traditional San-Serif typefaces.

As for the main text body, make it larger than necessary at around 16px. Even if there is a lot of text, stick to 50-60 characters/ line limit using a solid serif font.

Play within the Rules and don’t be Boring

Helvetica is the go-to font for any and many modern web designers, and as much as it should be, when it comes to picking a font style, make it easy to read, and something a little quirky.

Among some web design services India and global, the speculations say Proxima Nova has replaced Helvetica Neue. It won’t probably make the evening news, but if you want a unique and sophisticated font, try Promixa Nova before anything else.

Even fonts like Montserrat and Merriweather Sans are worth looking at.

Pick a Tri-Colored Palette

Choosing a specific color and sticking to the chosen color throughout the design phase is very important. Consistency is pleasing to the eyes. Websites generally use a white background unless the situation calls for something else. Finding the balance for the text with a light hue and striking accent color is necessary.

Among the various resources online for choosing the desired color, check Adobe’s Kuler color tool for color picking inspiration.

Relevant Use of Media

Apart from text, the web is made of pixels, i.e. the images. If your images aren’t large enough they will hamper the user experience by looking pixelated and blurry.

When scouting for pictures from the stock websites, ensure that you get your desired size as a clear photo adds credibility to your website, even if you haven’t actually clicked the picture.

Of course it goes without saying that thumbnails are a strict no-no.

Balancing Whitespace

This heavily implies the use of material design. A clean, simple and flat UI providing bare bones of graphical elements yet focusing on the bare functionality of the website. In this design the content should have its own breathing space with margins on either sides (this should emphasis legibility and focus while maintaining the text flow).

For any further details, contact one of the most renowned web design services India.

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