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Sibenik: The Historic City Of Croatia

by Romeo Demes (writer), , November 12, 2015

Credit: Photo by Istvan (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)
Meeting point of the Adriatic Sea and river Krka.

The town Sibenik is famous for it's Sibenik Riviera. It is located in the middle of Dalmatia and is a popular tourist destination in Croatia.

The scenic beauty that Sibenik offers is the main draw for tourists. In addition to it's innate beauty you will find that the town has a lot of history and culture to draw from. For the tourist's point of view, you will find that Sibenik doesn't fail to disappoint you with it's attractions! The mild humid weathers and the hot dry summers make it a perfect place to visit at anytime in the year.

Beautiful Nature

If you are looking to be vowed by the powers of nature, then the Cascate Krka is a must see. It's an easy walk on a wooden walkway. The walkway takes you through trees and you can see water cascading from every direction. The Sokolarshi Raptor center is another place that will help you connect with nature. The only difference is that this is a place to where you come face to face with the predators of the air. Take the tour and learn about hawks, eagles and falcons. You can even sight an owl or two if you are lucky! It's a great experience, especially if you have kids in the tow!

Delicious Local Food

The Dalmatian Ethnic Village is a great stop for some ethnic Sibenik food. It's close to the beach, the ambiance is great and the village itself is beautiful. It's a place that you should take your camera to. You can be guaranteed a few great shots! Two fortresses that add to the history of Sibenik are the St Nicola's Fortress and the St Michael's Fortress. A great deal of history and culture lies entombed within their walls. Their majestic beauty make them a must see if you are passing through the area.

Historic Buildings

If you love visiting churches then Sibenik has a number which are as beautiful as they are old. The church of St. Krsevan and the church of St Francis are just two such examples. Lakes, national parks, churches and monasteries all add to the allure of Sibenik. It makes the town a queer mix of the old and the new Sibenik property. Even more importantly, the balance that exists between development and conservation of nature makes Sibenik a great place to visit if you are looking to indulge in both.

Getting Around

Another draw that attracts tourists to Sibenik is the fact that it is part of the Adriatic Cruise. It's attractions and it's cozy harbor makes Sibenik a great spot to stop at when exploring the best that the coast of Croatia has to offer. Though Sibenik is good as a stand alone holiday, the cruise offers you a taste of the entire coast. It's a great experience and is probably one of the reasons why most tourists opt to visit Sibenik as part of the cruise. Whichever way you choose to visit Sibenik doesn't really matter. A visit to the city will leave you enthralled and begging to go back to the city once more!

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