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Household Relocation: Packing the Furniture Wisely

by Alexey Donets (writer), , November 07, 2015

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Packing is one of the most crucial things during the move

When packing your things for the move, you obviously have lots of questions. This article will provide you with exhaustive information on how to pack your furniture items correctly.

What is the most challenging task when it comes to getting ready for the move? Those people, who have ever been involved into the moving process, will agree that this is, probably, the packing. The fact is that you will not even be able to tell how much boxes and packing materials you will need before you make up the list of things you plan to transport to the new dwelling. While the packing of small things and electronic devices will hardly trigger problems, packing furniture items will certainly prove to be one of the most challenging and complicated things you have ever done before. That is why the information this article contains will prove to be quite useful to you and your family members.

What to Start With?

To start with, you should make up the list of furniture items you will need to pack. If you have enough time, try to divide all the furniture into two groups: small pieces that do not have to be disassembled and those that have to be taken to pieces before the move.

The next step is choosing the proper boxes for your furniture. Small items can easily be placed into boxes, while it is impossible to do that with the large pieces of furniture. If you have such furnishings, make sure you also have enough wrapping paper or other packing materials to protect them from damage and breaking during the transportation. To make the process safer and more comfortable, make use of the following recommendations:

    1.Before wrapping the entire item, make sure to use bubble wrap to prevent the delicate sides and parts of your furniture from damage. If the furnishings you have to transport are fragile or too expensive, it is advisable to pack them into boxes that have the additional layer of wrapping material. Do not forget to fill in the spaces that are left between the items in the box to prevent the things from falling or shaking.

    2.Secure the boxes and the wrapping paper that covers the furnishings with the Scotch tape, omitting the polished or painted areas

    3.Cover the corners of the furniture items with soft wrapping materials or the cardboard to make them safe for the people who will carry them. Although, employees working for credible moving services, such as Relocation Household, for instance, know how to transport any piece of furniture wisely, it is still reasonable to protect them from injuries as well.

    If it is impossible to remove the furniture legs, you should also cover them. In case there are drawers or cabinet doors, it is required to fix them using the Scotch tape, the ropes or other packing materials. The choice will depend upon the size of the furniture item.

    4.If you need to pack sofas and mattresses, it is better to purchase special plastic covers. They prevent the packed things from the accumulation of dirt and dust. They also protect the furniture from excessive moisture, stains, scratches and other kinds of damage. Keep in mind that plastic wrap should not be applied on leather and wooden furniture. If you do that, these units may be spoiled or damaged by moisture accumulated inside.

    5.Transporting furniture items with fragile surfaces made of glass, for example, is not an easy task. To ensure the maximum safety of your belongings, you need to cover the items with cardboard and the bubble wrap. Then it is recommended to fix the packing material with the Scotch tape.

Now that you are aware of how to protect your furnishings from damage during the household relocation, you will feel safe and confident about the success and efficacy of this endeavor!

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