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4 Top Tips to a Prosperous SEO Campaign

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

?SEO is time consuming and more often than not, mostly misunderstood. Creating an appealing design which suits the SEO design can be an uphill task for novice designers.

As a designer, is your website really search-engine friendly?

There are a lot of things already said about SEO in the ocean of ‘Top Ten Tips’ and numerous other guides on the internet, which has given rise to a multitude of myths and misinformation being circulated. With this article, we plan to highlight the various methods to a perfect SEO campaign, while keeping the design intact.

The following is some of the tips, from a respected Website Designing Company in India.

Search Friendly Navigation

First and foremost, if you are still taking Flash as your backbone for the navigation of your website, I have some bad news for you: your website doesn’t stand a chance against the search engine robots. Flash elements render the search engines useless to crawl and index your content.

Every entry on your website should have a clear structure, like an intro, the main text body and the conclusion. Once you have an organized structure you can start writing!

Do not forget to make your post in paragraphs.

Keyword Research

The more ambiguous your keywords are, the higher the chance of ranking better on the search engine. Using search engine-friendly tools like Keyword Discovery and Google Adwords keyword tools will return more SEO suggestions, some which be surprising while some the ones which you didn’t think about.

SEO tools will give you a fair estimate regarding the keyword related competition, assisting you to optimize the keywords based on the most suitable and effective keywords.

Link Building and Deep Linking

The aim of any website should be to rank higher on the Search Engine results page (SERP), amidst the constant changing search engine algorithm, the quality and the quantity links is what is given utmost importance. Reputable websites and niche blogs are effectively helpful to aid the links back to your designated page. If your content matches the links, you can surely see the change in the SERP.

Similarly, outbound links are vital for SEO. I.e. deep linking – meaning, relevant links coming back to your webpage, or more specifically across different pages of your website, are greatly effective in evaluating the website.

Avoid directing all your links to the homepage, as it is viewed as a superficial attempt by search engines, owing to the increasing amount of insincere websites that generate links by automation, reducing the website quality.

Relevant Content

The most highlighted aspect of any SEO is the content or rather, relevant and useful content on your website. The context of your text needs to be compatible with your choice of keywords. Make use of Meta tags and Alt tags to create a further impact.

Coming back to the content, make sure it is well-read and devoid of any poor grammar or spelling errors. The information provided should be clear and concise without any offensive or misleading content. Be sure about the placements of relevant keywords to avoid keyword stuffing and the eventual penalty that comes with it.

This should get you started for the most basic SEO services.

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