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Teen Age Friendships

by Dissertation King (writer), , November 05, 2015

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Friendship is the most beautiful relation of all. A friend who understands you is the most comforting person of your life. But the friends of your teenage life remain memorable of all.

It is not an infamous relationship. But the importance of teenage friends is often realize once they are gone. Most of the people who talk about their teenage friends are not any more in contact with them. But their sweet memories never leave us alone in any phase of our life. Thinking of them always puts a smile on our faces but are we ready to express to them that they mean a lot to us.

Even the ones, who were used to be made fun of, bring smile on our faces at an age of 35 or even above.

Friends in the Family

A person grows up in with his cousins, relative’s uncles and aunties. The people within family can become unforgettable teenage friends. Playing games with them are occasions can be a beautiful memory or perhaps staying over together at nights as well.

Cousins get to jell with each other quite well. Some of them remain greatest friends even after getting married.

Friends in the Neighborhood

The friends you get in your neighborhood are the best of all. You will never forget them for sure. One of them may be a friend whose name you wrote in you’re my best friend’s essay. When you grow up or move to some other vicinity in life, you will always miss them but getting together will no more be the same.

The girl friends you had made during your teen age are mostly from the nearby neighborhood. They also keep peeking and moving out of your life even after a breakup. These teenage girl friends keep popping in our lives even after the grad school.

Friends in the School

School is a place where you have a different gathering of friends. During the teenages you are not emotionally bound with someone but you do it for the sake of liking someone. Teenage is the phase of life when you mostly do what you really like to do.

You do not usually think what is good or bad for you in life. You just do it and expect things to be in your favor. The school days where bullying was your worst nightmare and being the friends to studs was an opportunity not everyone gets. This time of your life is definitely a golden time of your life.

The girls you pined for during these days are the one you always want to meet after graduating. You meet some old friends and you ask about everyone you knew. Your first crush in the teen age time happened in school as well and you will never stop wishing if she was yours.

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