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You Will Be Surprised After Knowing These Facts About Delhi

by Rasmi Pandey (writer), , November 04, 2015

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Delhi facts

The capital of India, Delhi, has many unknown facts folded in its history. It is rich by culture and tradition. Alongside, it has records of the greenest city, Asia’s largest wholesale spice.

Delhi, the heart of India, has never grown old. Many interesting as well as terrible phases of Indian history are trapped in its manifolds. The Pandavas gave it the name ‘Indraprastha’ around 3500 BC because of its five ‘Prasthas’, including Sonepat, Panipat, Tilpat and Baghpat. The subsequent years had more in their store. Shahjahanabad, Daulatabad and few more names were gifted to it. It devastated profusely by the mighty Mughals. British people left it scratched. But it did not die.

Historic date 15th January, 1947 gifted it a sigh of relief. It inhaled the freshness of freedom after the torments of more than 100 years of slavery. Now, it is flourishing. Delhi is back to life. It is the largest metropolitan city of Indian and falls at second place if ask for the largest population accommodating metropolitan city. More than 12.25 million people live here. NO, NO, NO…The facts about Delhi have not yet started. Let’s get down to the extra-ordinary but lesser known facts about it:

Qutub Minar misses its shadow on 22 June every year: India’s one of the tallest minarets, ‘Qutub Minar’, is a structure of bricks. Visitors can explore it on full day Delhi tour. This five-storey monument misses its shadow formation on 22 June every year. It is unbelievable fact but this rare phenomenon actually takes place in Delhi. The rest of the days, its shadow casts in the noon.

    1. Delhi is enlisted amongst the greenest cities of the world: It’s not a joke. Delhi gets its place in the list of the cities which are the greenest in the world. Its 20% area is capped with green wood. Despite the fact that its atmosphere consists of 2.5 PM particles which brings it among 1,600 dirtiest cities also, it has the cover of greenery also. This fact can never be ignored.

    2. Delhi runs the largest caravan of eco-friendly DTC buses: Delhi is the habitat of around 16.3 million people (2015). It’s a complex task to run a hassle free transport system. But Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) runs the largest caravan of the eco-friendly buses. It ensures less emission of pollutants which normally get emanated by the transports running on diesel and petrol.

    3. Toilet museum in Delhi: Delhi has the museum which accommodates variety of toilets which used to occur in the history. It sounds awkward but is the truth. It is known as Sulabh International Museum of Toilets.

    4. ‘Azad Mandi’ ranks first in Asia as the biggest vegetable and fruit market: Azad Mandi is the biggest vegetable and fruit market of Asia. Around 30,000 retailers make their deal here and around 3,000 trucks are dispatched to their destinations every day.

    5.Asia’s biggest wholesale spice market ‘Khari Baoli’ is in Delhi: Like Azad Mandi, capital of India houses the biggest wholesale market. It is famous as ‘Khari Baoli’. Delhiites hit Chandni Chowk, where this spice market is located, to take away the spices of their choice at reasonable prices.

    6. Delhi Ridge is the second favourite place for birds in the world: After Nairobi in Kenya, Delhi is the most preferable place for birds to visit. The pleasant weather of winter attracts thousands of birds to migrate and spend their time during that season.

    7. Tram used to run in Old Delhi: Lots of old people can recount the days of 1903 when tram service was introduced by British in Delhi. It looked like a short train that used to run on railway-tracks on the road. It used to run on electricity. With the passing years, it got vanished from the roads.

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