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3 of the Simplest SEO Tips for Web Designers

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3 of the Simplest SEO Tips

?There is a difference between a beautifully designed website and one that is commercially popular; although that does not mean that the two can’t merge.

There is a difference between a beautifully designed website and one that is commercially popular; although that does not mean that the two can’t merge. Wherein, an apt designed website is aesthetically pleasing, a SEO friendly website is Google pleasing. Search Engine Optimization is basically a technique to help the search engines access your website, produce organic results while also using it as a marketing tool. If you want to reap complete benefits of your website, SEO is a necessity.

Fortunately there are simple ways one can improve their place on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), ultimately improving the visibility of your website. Following is a set of fundamentals points to solidify the base of SEO.

Here are the tips, courtesy Notion Technologies, a renowned website designing company India centered.


Keywords are by far the most important part of any SEO campaign. The use of wrong keywords can wreck your rankings, render the search engines to never find you and negatively impact your brand. The identity of keywords is determined by the line of business once plans to get involved in – factors like local, regional, national or global participation is one of few things to think about while sourcing the keywords.

When preparing them for use, insert 3-4 keywords per page, given that your list of keywords is diverse and niche.

The act of keyword placement in itself is a challenge. It is important to position the keywords at the right spots on the web page without overdoing it. Some of the best places are: Meta descriptions, alt texts and URLs.

Search Friendly Navigation

Search engine friendly navigation basically means a structure of navigation for the search engines to easily follow. The main reason a search engine cannot pull up a website is when the links used are images instead of text. Make sure to not make the same mistake and update all links and buttons to text based elements. New technologies like CS3 can achieve the same results like Photoshop, which has tremendously helped modernize the way we look at web. CSS3 is the perfect tool to optimize your website to make it faster. While we are on the topic of optimizing, avoid the extensive use of JavaScript, as the search bots find it difficult to index and access the content. And since mobile is all set to overtake desktops in terms of internet traffic, heavy coding will make mobile browsing tedious and slower.

Social Media

Social media can be a vital part of your SEO if played right: it hugely helps interact with the customers, build rapport and provide support. A representation of your brand on the social-sphere increases trust and dependability among the community.

But the best feature which intertwines SEO and social media is link building: the process of sharing organic links resulting in elevated inbound links. What social media does is, just give you one more channel to display your brand, in an affordable manner. Contact one of the best SEO Company India has to currently offer for a free quote.

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