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Patrick Mahony's tips for great pictures with the iPhone 6

by Photographer Actu (writer), , October 22, 2015

Patrick Mahony is a passionate photographer. Today, he teaches us on how to take great photos with an IPhone 6 no matter if you are a professional or an amateur. Just follow the steps.

The evolution of technology has made great leaps in the past few decades, with the ability to use your phone as a camera one of the largest of them all. Just after the start of 2015, the IPhone 6 came on the market and offered up a whole new host of potential uses to take the best photo in this manner.

Photographers like Patrick Mahony will usually use the standard equipment that has satisfied generations of those individuals who take photos for a living. However, they aren’t averse to using such technology if the atmosphere is ripe for a quality photo to emerge.

So remember to include the simple task of cleaning the lens. Otherwise, the sharpness of the image is negatively affected by softening and a contrast that turns out to be much lower emerges.

Also, make sure to turn off the flash on the phone, unless you happen to be located in dark places, and be sure to shoot in the standard format. That would be the 4:3 ratio, which is what photographers such as Patrick Mahony use on a regular basis.

Many amateur photographers make the mistake of overusing the zoom lens on the IPhone 6, which results in poor photos. It’s much easier to crop the photo afterwards. Finally, many photographers like Patrick Mahony have adopted using the free app called Snapseed when editing is required.

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