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When should you NOT wear your diamond ring

by Ekta Singh (writer), Delhi, October 21, 2015

A diamond ring is a priceless possession

A diamond ring is a priceless possession and you deserve to flaunt it all the time. Although flaunting it too much can also catch the attention of a snatcher. So you should avoid wearing your ring to places which have a notorious reputation for being unsafe. But that is not the only time you should take your ring off. We discuss a few examples of times when you should not wear your ring to keep the ever-shining gem as bright as ever.

1)Putting on make-up

Diamond rings for women in Delhi are generally a way to add to their beauty and stature…and so is make up. But it is necessary to understand that make-up products, lotions and creams can hamper the brilliance of the diamond. Some hairsprays and other products with harmful chemicals can destroy the beauty of the stone.

Diamond Ring


Entering into a water body with your ring on is a risky business. You might end up losing your ring if the water flow is too swift or the water is too cold. In a swimming pool you might complain to the authorities and get your ring back but in rivers, seas or oceans, it’s hard to fight against the mother nature. Also, many swimming pools contain Chlorine which harshly affects the diamond surface and might corrode it.

3)Working out…or other demanding physical activities

Hazoorilal diamond jewellery is as hard and strong as a diamond is expected to be. It is not easily affected by outside pressure. But the material which holds the stone, though solid enough, lacks the invincibility of a diamond. Therefore if you are lifting weights, or putting a lot of pressure on your ring, it might start getting bent which loosens the grip on the diamond, making it viable to fall off and probably get lost. Try to avoid wearing your ring even if you’re playing a sport.

4)Cleaning your house

Just like the aforementioned hairsprays, many home cleaning sprays have harmful chemicals which are not good for the diamond. Agents like Ammonia and bleach can affect the brilliance and color of the diamond and even the ring.


This one is more for your safety than the safety of the diamond. The stone has sharp edges and can scratch your face or other body parts and even injure your partner. Although uncommon, a protruding edge can even get stuck in your blankets or bed sheets and tear them.

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