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Mike Gravel: A Wild and Crazy Guy

by Brain (writer), New York, October 09, 2007


Mike Gravel is like a cool new Indie CD. He's got great ideas, he sounds cool, but his popularity is limited to about 20 people. So far the polls I have read do not even give Gravel more than 2% of support. This does not matter to me. Mike Gravel is running for the Democratic ticket in 2008, and I am going to vote for him.

He's being written off by the media as some sort of lunatic. And they are right, he is a crazy fucker. But since when has being crazy ever stopped someone from running a country? Remember when Howard Dean got written off as "crazy" because he screamed really loud and passionately? Do you remember who got the Democratic nomination after that? John Kerry, a milktoast, lame-brained fucktard, who really had no chance of winning against George W. Bush in 2004, which is why I did not vote in that election. Because I already knew what the outcome was going to be. And I firmly believe that if Howard Dean had been there instead of Kerry,

Clearly the American public has not learnt its lesson about writing off candidates who actually have passion for what they believe in. I'm certain that they haven't since polls give Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama the lead. Big surprise there.

But Gravel is bringing something to the table that only one other candidate (Dennis Kucinich) has; passion. I sincerely believe that both Kucinich and Gravel want to change things. They have integrity, and they both have nothing to loose, their approval rating isn't going to get any lower, so this gives them the freedom to say what is on their mind. The only problem that I have with Kucinich is that he is a bit too much of a hippie for my taste, but his ideas are wonderful.

Gravel is someone who I can get my head around. His political stances are wonderful, and he's got that "straight talk" demeanor that made John McCain so popular.

Furthermore, this 2008 campaign has been taken to new ground: YouTube. Of course it kind of sickens me that this is the level candidates are stooping to, resulting in videos that look more like personals for a dating service rather than a video that is supposed to inform the viewer of the candidates political stances. I saw the following clip made by Gravel on the Daily Show, after which I immediately scoured the internet to find it, and subsequently watched it 100 times consecutively.

Jon Stewart called it creepy. And it is. It's very haunting to me. He's just staring at the camera, then he throws a rock in the water. It's straight out of Beckett. But what exactly is he trying to say? Well I could tell you the answer, but its just more fun if you figure it out on your own.

Bottom line is, Yes Mike Gravel is no Barack Obama, or a John Edwards. He's a little strange, but his views are quite similar to the other Democratic candidates, and the ones that are different are actually better. Mike Gravel is a crazy person, but he just might be crazy enough to get the job done. And that is why I am voting for him and I would rather "waste" my vote for someone who I know can get things done rather than voting for some polished up guy in a suit with a nice blue tie.

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