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Birgit Ludemann Shines on Screen in Several War Films

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Actress Birgit Ludemann shot by Ethan Ingram

Born to be a leading lady on the silver screen, actress Birgit Ludemann continues to impress international audiences with her action-packed and deeply dramatic performances in several war films.

Born to German parents in South Africa, actress Birgit Ludemann is undeniably beautiful, but it's her aptitude for performing in war films and anything with action that has truly allowed her to shine in the entertainment industry.

Birgit, who has undergone several stints of stunt training over the years, is extremely agile and in tune with her movements, aspects of her talent that have allowed her to take on challenging roles like Natali in the film The Cello Player and Naomi Basson in the film Maquisard.

Taking on the starring role of Naomi Basson in writer and director Kurt Claridades' (Savvy, Summer's End, The Client, Waheed) film Maquisard released earlier this year, Birgit gave a pivotal performance that took audiences into a make believe time and place where the Second American Civil War unfolds.

In the film, when Birgit's character Naomi, a South African Lance Corporal that is part of the 44 Parachute Brigade and 44 Medical Task Group, and her team come across Joe played by Lexi Lee, an American rebel soldier. Through a series of unexpected twists Naomi ends up helping Joe retrieve the necessary information that everyone had been searching for in order to end the war, but it costs her her life in the end.

In Maquisard, Birgit costars alongside Bill Doherty Jr. (Festival, Motel California, Meat Me in Plainville, Body Proof) who plays Hutch and Wali Habib (Fistful of Blood, Hemorrhage, Hollywood Dreamers) who plays Ali.

In order to accurately portray Naomi in the film Birgit went to great lengths researching the roles and terms of military medics, as well as firearm training during the process of developing her character.

Although she has amassed a wide range of productions over the course of her career Birgit admits that Maquisard has actually been one of her favorite productions to date. "This was such an interesting project to have acted in, because I liked the action training in it. I loved putting my stunt training to use, and the cast and crew were so great to work with."

While Birgit's character in Maquisard is a fierce medic sent into the battlefield, her character in another war film, The Cello Player, is the exact opposite. As Natali in Dong Lei's film The Cello Player, Birgit had to dig deeply into her emotional bank in order to bring the traumatic reality of her character's experience to the screen. Set at the end of WWII, the film displays the horrifying actions of soldiers who have been fighting for far too long and have lost their humanity as a result.

In The Cello Player Natali is taken captive by SS Commander Schneider who is played by Thure Riefenstein (Dark Blue World, Sophie & Sheba, Baltic Storm, 666: In Bed with the Devil). After keeping her as his prisoner and torturing her for what seems like a lifetime, Schneider brutally rapes Natali. While this kind of scene is arguably one of the most difficult for any actress, Birgit's ability to go deep within her character and give a strong and heart-wrenching performance was key to making the story in The Cello Player as twisted and realistic as it is.

She explains, "This role was extremely challenging because I found out the first day of shooting we were doing an intense rape scene one day earlier than scheduled… but doing that scene spontaneously took the pressure off and helped me focus on the moment in every take."

Birgit Ludemann has an unparalleled talent for immersing herself in heavy hitting dramas; and within each one she has not only shown a completely different side of her craft, but she has proven that she knows how to deliver a performance that beautifully serves the purpose of the story.

Some of the actress's other productions to date include the show Doctor Quinn Morphine Woman with Jane Seymour and the South African series Die Boland Moorde, and the films Mac Daddy's Vegas Adventure from award-winning director Mac Jay (Mac Daddy & The Lovers), Fives, Fool's Errand and Stay.

Audiences can currently catch Birgit in the fifth and sixth episodes of the series Sex in Public, a new reality-styled TV series that began airing on TLC earlier this month.

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