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MTA Safety or Your Rights?

by ArisYoon (writer), Bayside New York, October 10, 2007

Not to start this article on the bottom list of every mayor's note, I as the victim would first like to intrude and echo out my voice and cry out my rights as a civilian and New Yorker who has been mistreated by the unfair works of the MTA Law and its Juris-dictators. Have you ever wonder or thought of a situation where you were literally pulled over to satisfy and even out the politic means before you ever or even committed a single drop of water of misconduct in front of the public eyes? I don't think so. All jokes aside, on this glorious October afternoon of the 8th, I (as the victim) calmly walked over the municipal parking lot of Flushing, New York to cross over to the ever congested and famous 7 train station stationing on four stop corners of Roosevelt Avenue of alike. Like daily and I always do, I rode the escalator downstairs leading me down to the terminal of this train line repeatedly. As soon I landed on the bottom of the escalator, I swiftly turned my torso to my left to face the Metro-card machine at hand. After digging through my pockets with my left hand looking for changes, I pressed few buttons with my right mapping out my cost. Seconds later, I've received the four dollar round trip metro card for me to transport with after exchanging changes with the machine. I took few steps forward, and walked through the turn belt buckle with the swipe of instant four dollar metro card. As soon as the meter sound was squeezing, the loud speaker went off at the same time with a deep voice of a male conductor yelling out the first line of train tracks was moving towards Manhattan. He was calling every person to board onto the stationed train carts of the first track. As soon as I heard the instructions from the loud speaker, I approached the last cart running onto the first track knowing that I would satisfactorily find my comforting benches inside these stretching train carts. After noticing few people on the last cart facing the busy turnbuckles, I approached and minimized my walk to the other carts knowing that I would be able to enjoy the ride and convey the comforting situation as a MTA customer. After crossing over 2 carts, I've noticed a young man with two officers guarding him in a triangle formation on the corner's of my left peripheral view. I took a deep sign of breathe and reminded of myself as a juvenile in his situation. As I took a sip of my hot lemon tea, one of the male officer stopped me simultaneously as I was walking across onto the third cart. He pulled me over instantly and told me to step outside of the cart. I, in humiliated anger calmly pitched a low sound of voice asking why I was being pulled over. Without any hesitation, the officer was quick to acknowledge that I was personally braking the law by walking through the train carts at a stationed train station. In a civilized and retaliated manner, I calmly asked him once again why crossing over train carts at a underground station would be considered an illegal act of mis-conduct? He in turn walked me into the second train, on the second track, showing me a sticker on the bottom handle of the door. The sign was a illustration of a stick figure man with a big patch of single red slash with words describing of non motion or movement during the trips. I, in stubborn way told the officer that he was reading the pictorial and an out dated sign in Spanish and that the logo never once mentioned about crossing carts while the train was in a stationed motion inside the Underground station. As the officer and I was exchanging verbal altercation, the female officer pulled me to the right side and told me to follow her to the map which was located at the middle of the platform. She pointed out to a piece of paper hanging on the left side of the map and told me to read one of the line of messages out loud. The paper states, "(As effective December 2005) It is a violation to Move between end doors of a subway car whether or not train is in motion, except in an emergency or when directed by police officer or conductor." ( After reading the code out loud, the female officer told me that I had violated the law and had to pay for my violations. At this point, I was infuriated, bitter and angry for receiving a violation for the ticket. The two officers pulled me again to the side for approximately 15 minutes checking out my ID and my background. After 17 long, truing minutes, they received their confirmation from the captain back from their station acknowledging the male officer to proceed and to continue to write my ticket on his note pad. During this time, I told the officer the penal code I had violated was not even listed on his directional pad. I also added my statement to the original code by stating how the code did not in any way mentioned about motions or movement from a departing station. I told him I could understand the terms if was violating the code at the next Willet Point train stop, but instead I was at the first Main Street station where all 7 trains are all stationed on the three tracks. In a justified and humiliated voice of manner, the officer told me that if I was to argue with him once more, I was going to be arrested and be taken back to the station for arguing with him. As soon as I heard his threat of jurisdiction, I stupidly closed my bitter mouth and waited until he handed my ticket for his violations. I was handed with a 50 dollars worth of terminal violation. The officers both explained to me later that I could fight for the ticket that I received at the inner city court, but the court fee would only double my fine into two causing me to pay the city twice for explaining my side of the defense. I told them that I would only fight the city if they could change their signs on all of the exiting doors on their train carts. I thought it was a mutual conversational ending to my tyranny. To make this story short, during this whole ironic process of satire, I've noticed the younger teenager that was present with me during my time. The officers later found out he had a previous warrant for the same violations that he and I both had committed during the same previous moment in time. He was instantly arrested at that moment. During the search, the officers found him with 120 dollars in his pockets. As I was walking away observing my ticket and the kid, I've realized the mix of my irony with his money with our rights. "He could've paid for both of our fines right there and there." Where the hell are my Capitalism at this time??

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