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What else Google excels in? Find out!

by Clicktechtips (writer), India, October 08, 2015


Google has become a fundamental unit of our lives that reigned every mind since it was introduced to the systems.

Google has become a fundamental unit of our lives that reigned every mind since it was introduced to the systems. If the life and associated rhythmic activities seems like a five- finger exercise, Google has to be actually accredited for this. When we ought to browse through any word, phrase, general issues, address or a website we preferably consider Google the ‘search king’ rather than dawdling through other search engines. And as a moment of fact, anyone with vast knowledge is recognized as Google and nowadays we don’t say “search“, instead we just order “Google” it! It is an answer to all queries that never lets your hopes frail. Although we are pretty much aware of the super fantastic search engine but do you know what other features are being inherited by Google. Here are the following stupendous ten spectacular tasks performed by this genius named Google that most of us do not know.

Wedding Planner

Are you looking for a good wedding planner that suits your pockets but all that efforts you put lost in vain? Don’t worry, and wipe off your sweat. You become the planner yourself and organize the wedding the way you have always dreamed of. Just try this incredible Google tool that will not only help you share your ideas and keep track of your budget, but you are also able to create your website for the auspicious day and keep track of your memorable times throughout the knot tie event.

Tip Calculator

Planning awesome dinner out in a lavish hotel with a group of friends? Google can now easily help you calculate your share of the tab including the tip. Forget the days when the server has to draw up separate tabs in an attempt to determine your share.

Calorie Comparison

Are you frequent weight checker and a diet conscious person who needs to compare the calories before entering into kitchen for cooking? Google’s Calorie Comparison tool makes that simpler for you. This service allows you to analyse differences amongst various foods, its nutritive value and calorie content. You just have to add first option “vs” the second one and press enter. Google will dwell a comprehensive tab including a picture of each option along with the related details necessary to make an appropriate decision.

Translate Symbols

Don’t get muddled up with strange symbols including Korean, Chinese or Urdu but figure them out instantly with the help of Google that becomes a translator when needed and fix your confusions. On the regular Google Translate, you are asked to click on the pencil in the bottom of the first box. Using this you have to draw the symbol on a notepad shown on your screens and soon Google will then automatically detect the exact language and translate it for you to guide you along the right direction. It makes sure that you are never mislead by forge interpreters or lack of understanding in various languages.

View World Art Galleries

You can refresh yourself by touring through some of the most mesmerizing art galleries around every corner of the world taking you away from your own home to another beautiful land with the assistance of The Google Art Project. With a few clicks of your mouse, you can enjoy visiting picturesque art, exhibition extending from murals at the Crafts Museum in New Delhi, to the Cassino Museo Arte Contemporanea CAMUSAC in Cassino, Italy.

Download Fonts

You can use unique number of Google Fonts of all types ranging from Arabic to YU minchow light. You can also alter the word art along with thickness, slant, and width of the font before you download it in your own device.

Explore The Universe

If you have developed passion in astronomy and are curious to learn or understand it more, then see and compare how it actually appears in the universe. Google Sky provides you an awestruck opportunity to preview vivid pictures of various constellations and create your own galaxy.

Set a Timer

Do you repent not doing your work in time? If you want to be punctual by following a planned schedule, especially on your PC’s, you can adhere to the timer option on Google and pursue your work in another tab. When your time is up, the Google Timer will beep. This is a beneficial tool for people who sit in front of laptops to do desk work most of the times as you are stimulated by the reminder at the right time there on the same screen.


Are you a sportsperson who is anxious to know the current updates irrespective of the favourite sport then you simply have to put the name of the league or match in the Google search bar and it will automatically display the concerned scores for all the games held on that day.

Geography Trivia

If you are fed up of monotonous work load and want to earn a geographical experience, then you probably need a break. Smarty Pinsis one an adorable game that tests your brainy talents related to various topics, from entertainment to arts and culture to history, all using Google Maps.This game is enthralling for every age group either a teenager or elderly.

You can make out how noteworthy Google seems to be in everyone’s life. Browsing through web without Google is like a body without soul. It has been garnering the lives of entire population by delivering relevant information contained in it by virtue of several constitutive apps.

Isn’t it a part of achievement to uncover what this universal source is capable to do apart from its crucial basic task that is revealed to everyone? Google serves as ‘all in one package’ if you start making the best out of it by putting these peculiar features into work. Make it interesting and share the above mentioned applications of Google. The versatility of this dynamite is far better understood after unveiling some of the phenomenal jobs performed by it.

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